$181 MILLION: Powerball lottery jackpot ramps up

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$92,250,000 in the bank for the next winner from Pennsylvania !

Ka-ching $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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In response to Todd

I wish that the lottery choose one of my combinations as the winner to redistribute some taxes.

Lotteries represent redistribution of wealth at its finest.Lotteries know the geographical areas that will win the biggest prizes. That is the reason why quick picks win more jackpots than self picks.

The Connecticut asset managers combination was chosen as the winner in that geographical area.They won a $254M Powerball Jackpot with $1 Quick Pick Ticket.


Let it roll baby!!!


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$181 million sounds good to meWink.......White Bounce

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In response to dallascowboyfan

 I still say $200 million sounds a wee bit better Naughty

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In response to hearsetrax

A bigger jackpot always sound better, no matter the size. Naughty

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I really could care less about the magnitude of the jackpot.  Wake me up when my ticket matches all 6 numbers drawn..then, and only then will I get even remotelyexcited.

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I think it is time for mcminnville, oregon to have a winner from the circle k on third street please.  Pretty please!  I asked nicely!-weshar75

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In response to dpoly1


Don't forget...  you'll still owe another $12 million in federal income tax.  So net is about $80 million...  which is still very nice!!

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I'll play my one line for Sat's drawing

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The Powerball is stingy with their increments after the $100 Million Mark. Had this been Mega Millions it would have been well over $200 Million by now!


I hate this new Powerball game, but I'll play my $2.00 for the chance to win


No state taxes on lotto wins in PA looks like.

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Seems like the big mega has killed the lotto hype. This would usually be big news but no one or the media is talking about it.

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Haven't been here in a while. Good luck everyone.

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In response to Simba774

I Agree!

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Hellow to all, I am new to the lotterypost internet but not the lottery, I am looking for a system to help me with my numbers p3 and p4. I have been following you all on my phone but I am always one step behind. I need some advise....

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In response to Dutch36

There are plenty of pick3 and pick4 players here that are willing to share everything they know, just check out their forums.

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In response to Guru101

Hope you had better luck than I do when I play the local Classic Lotto.  The odds says it's easier to get a hit but in reality it seems harder to get a hit than when I'm playing PB and MM. 

It's at $15,000,000Big Smile so maybe I'll give it a try Monday and if I don't win, I'll still have time to pick five lines for Wednesday's PB drawing.

In response to chuck32

Maybe it's the years and years of bull$hitting people by advertising annuity values, but you apparently don't recognize reality, even when it's biting you in the ass. The OP was referring to the increases after the advertised jackpot reaches $100 million, and it's extremely clear that MM blows PB out of the water.

Here's what those increases really look like:

MM  @ $108                PB @ $110
+ $19 million              + $17 million
+ $21 million              + $17 million
+ $23 million              + $15 million
+ $29 million              + $21 million
+ $41 million              + $31 million

MM took 5 rolls to go from $108 million to $241 million. 5 rolls took PB from $110 to $211 million. It took a 6th roll to match MM's $241 million advertised annuity jackpot.

Using the current ratio of cash to annuity, the actual cash (the only real yardstick) thos increases would take MM rom $82.8 million to $184.7 million. PB would go from $74 million  to $142.2 million. After that 6th roll the PB winner still got fully $20 million less than the MM winner.  As a bonus, MM did it while taking only half as much from players for each chance they were given.

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OMG! No one hit PB and now the jackpot is $212M!!

I have an excited feeling in my loins!! "HEY IT MUST BE THE MONEY"!!

Dpoly1, what is the wire transfer amount on this jackpot in PA?

Long Island mansion

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In response to golfer1960

After Dpoly answers don't forget to deduct the 10.8 % to cover jersey state tax. (highest in the country)

a law that was passed in the middle of the night by our sneaky/greedy legislaters.

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