The lottery fantasy: How much money do you need to say 'buzz off, world'?

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"All this is pure speculation, of course. As I sit here writing, I'm eating a ham sandwich. That wouldn't be relevant to this story except for the fact that when I was making the sandwich a few minutes ago, I noticed that the ham from the supermarket deli had kind of a funny, "off" smell to it. I was going to throw the whole package away when I realized that a) the little printout on the label said we still had two days to go before the sell-by date, and b) this pound of ham cost us six bucks. When I asked my wife if she thought it was still good, she didn't even smell it or check the sell-by date. She just looked at the price tag on the baggie, and then at me, and said, "Eat it!"


LOL..... sounds like me.....Green laughGreen laugh

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I need a $100 million dollars after taxes to tell the world where it can get off.I'll settle for much less,though and just keep my thoughts to myself.

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656 Million or just over 300m cash Atfer all taxes

their only been 1 jackpot for that amount,and i wanted it................................



but i think i can get away telling world where to put with just 100m cash atfer taxes, so about a 200m jackpot or higher  i say

will get me to the  screw off world ! level.

that's when i can have my own pirate jet   ,and go anywhere i want,  any time i want, without having to get treated like the mass sheep at public air ports. etc

naked body scans, pat downs, Etcetera , no thx, i fly and travel  how very rich do it, ,  and just be like screw the dumb massives, their idiots for allowing oppressive authority over their lifes.


I guess for some, they need money before telling someone off. Doesn't really occur to me, if someone is annoying, I will make my feelings known.   Cussing Face

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You are annoying and I don't need a lot of money to tell you that you are annoying.

In response to Cletu$2

Whoops, someone got up on the wrong side of Bed  A good day to you as well Mr. Cletu$2. Your not annoying, just not relevant. Enjoy.  See Ya!

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In response to Cletu$2

I Agree!

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The 40M$ j/p from wednesday's game would go along way to getting me to 'buzz off' status... 

26.5M$ lumpsum... net after taxes and fees and tithe and x,y,z ... about 50%... 13.25M$... 

i believe i could make do with 13.25M$ after all was said and done...

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10 mils. would do it for me also.

No point in thinking about getting my job back,

they would'nt take me back even if I left quietly and politely.

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$3,000,000 after taxes and I'm retired.

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I could live a very comfortable and luxurious lifestyle just on $6,000,000 after taxes. 

But to buy all the fancy toys, vacations, and the Mega Mansion and a second home overseas, and to help out immediate family, give to charity and dabble in a business, I would need at least a minimum of $40 million for it to not even phase me.


My dream number would be $50,000,000 to $150,000,000 after taxes.

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The current MM jackpot would be just fine for me but i wouldn't complain if it was more lol Big Smile


If you want to live well, $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 after taxes, if you want to live spectactularly, $10,000,000 after taxes. 

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In response to VenomV12

That's why I would take any win in PB or MM. I could do fine with $3m.

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