48 Philly transit workers win $172M Powerball jackpot

In response to Todd

Congrats to the Lucky 48!


They won $3m each I won $3- lol!


No info provided on how many tickets were bought by the pool and I'm guessing here it was a QP!

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Congrats to the Philly Bums.

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I smell a lawsuit from the lady who didn't pay up this time around.I hop that I'm wrong,but....

Congratulations to the other 48 winners.

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Wow that is Great one of these days We will ...........  Congrats to the $48 Winners!

In response to dpoly1

Should have been yours dpoly. Won't these bums listen to reason?  Bash

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Great win.....CONGRATS to the lucky 48...............wonder when the conspiracy theorists will try to create chaos out this one ?   Kudos to the winners  Thumbs Up

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How wonderful, 48 people getting a sudden boost to their bank accounts.  Congratulations to all!

In response to CDanaT

Thy've already been on the offense and launched their first attack CD. It's one of the oldest conspiracies about the "East Coast", winning

all the time.  Rant    Argue     Bash


I think what they need is a good old fashioned  Dunk to cool them off.  Yes Nod

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In response to dpoly1

Congrats to the lucky winners! It's always nice to hear city workers winning.


Hater! ^ SMH.

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In response to Cletu$2

The "floating pool" the workers took part in has been going on for years, with certain members joining in or sitting a week out depending on personal choice, Maloney said.

The lady's personal choice was to sit that week out, she doesn't get to change her mind after it's over.

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In response to RJOh

Exactly. All she can do is be happy for her colleagues.

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Congrats to the 48 transit workers!Cheers


They would be smart to offer some type of settlement to the lady who did not play

Most likely she will file some sort of lawsuit

Save the time and the money and pay her off, right or wrong it will be for the best in the long run

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In response to RJOh

Personally,I agree with you,RJOH.But I can just see the lawyers chomping at the bit to try to get her to they can get a third of her winnings.Happens almost all the time when a pool wins.

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