Six $1 million lottery prizes won at same Louisiana store

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Some people have great faith in their chosen numbers. I have some numbers I have played for years but they have never come. I guess I'm going to keep playing them and see what happens.

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"Apparently, the winning ticket was inadvertently printed twice. According to workers at the store, that ticket sat behind the counter a couple of hours before someone walked in and agreed to buy it."


Another case of an exact duplicate ticket?  Let hope the slip was run through twice and not the the computer printing twice "inadvertantly."  Anyways, I always buy the mistake tickets my retailer has displayed for sale.

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All I can say is WOW! CONGRATS!Stretch

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In response to tryintohit

Congratulations to BOTH of the lucky winners!!


Dude claimed his prize quick!! lol I don't blame him!

Sometimes it pays big to play your own numbers, nice win and no quick pick

this time around!


Lucky is all I can say, never thought of playing the same number

more than once for the same draw, he turned a smaller prize into his own jackpot!

Congrats to the winner!


Lady Luck is an Equal Opportunity kinda gal! Personal numbers are back in high fashion!

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That's interesting, someone using the same numbers multiple times to change the MegaBall.  We don't often hear of this happening.  It's something I've thought of doing, since you don't win big unless that ball is right.

Congratulations to this guy with his lucky numbers and the person holding the duplicate!


Very shrewd gentleman. Importchips take notice of this one!  Cheers

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In response to GGStarlings

Ya know, the more I think about it, I am starting to consider doing this. I rarely win anything on PowerBall & Mega anyways. I look at it like this, a player is either going to rarely match any #'s at all, or  even a couple. It just takes that one time to match 5. Instead of buying multiple tickets, I may just stick to a couple lines of the same # with a diff Powerball.


Just like many Mega & PowerBall winners, I am sure they have played the same #'s for years rarely matching multiple #'s or getting close. Then out of no where BAM match all 5 or even 6.


It kinda makes sense to do what this guy did

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I recently started playing the megaplier/power play because of the possibility of hitting the second prize, like he did. Guess they did'nt fix the glitch.

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Very Nice!  Dance

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Amazing.  And the ticket with the other 3M$ was 'just sitting there'.  I bet there are alot of clerks who are kicking themselves now!  Congrats to the lucky blessed winners!

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Just goes to show that sometimes it pays to buy "mistake" tickets.


Congrats to all. Unhappy

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In response to maximumfun

I've volunteered to kick myself on their behalf! Can you imagine the turmoil those clerks are going through?


Wow, if I wasn't so cheap?


It was only a dollar!


3 million dollars was staring me in the face.


Well the only thing left ot do is to pretend to be excited for the actual winner!


This story is amazing, the winner made a smart move however i have a lottery method that gives me either 5 or 6 of the lottery numbers and i use a wheel off gail howard site if i wouldv'e used her 18number wheel on her site i could have won 5 number prize on ticket number 17.


Sometimes pure dumb luck is the best kind of luck. 

I always buy the mistake tickets, they usually win more than the ones you buy.


I always buy those extra tickets that other people don't want as well.

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In response to Aust

This can be a good strategy, as often a state's or retailer owner's rule is that employees can't purchase those "extra/mistake" lottery tickets (or can't purchase any of the retailer's lottery tickets).

Blue Angel

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WOW congrats the the winner(s)...Party

This also happened to me twice during the MM record jackpot,  my 5-line and 3-line plays were printed twice and I had to buy them because I did not want the store clerk to win with my me greedy lol


the title is some what miss leading, i thought 6 diffrent people had won.

congratz to the winner

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Grats to them. Hope they spend/invest it wisely.

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Congrats to the winner/s


Wow, talk about lucky. I wonder if they bought a bag of chips and soda with a food stamps card while in the store?Jester Laugh

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Congrats to the WinnerThumbs Up

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In response to rad242

Actually, I believe the ticket cost $6 as it had 3 lines with the Megaplier. Can you imagine the customers who were offered to purchase the "mistake" ticket and yet declined to do so...probably because of the $6 price Bash

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In response to BuyLow

If that is the case, I bet that winner is probably thinking, "Dang it, I could have had $6 million vice just $3 million if I would have only ponied up an additional 6 bucks...which is why I too always buy the mistake ticket.  Given how lawsuits have been churning as of late, I wonder if the original purchaser of the ticket who declined the mistake ticket will try to sue the lottery to get the other winning ticket?  But that person would not have a case since playing the lottery is a lot like buying life or health don't have a contract or possession until money is paid.  So for those that didn't get application + money = valid contract; money + lottery ticket = valid bearers instrument.


Anyway, I am looking for either a $53 million or $131 million payday this week!

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I did not buy the mistake tickets the clerk had made in regard to my transaction today.  There were too many of them.  lol 

I always visualize winning the second level prize, not sure why.

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