Kansas Mega Millions winner claims jackpot anonymously

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Smart move. It is too many crazy people out here ready to take advantage of you and turn your life upside down.

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Congratulations to the Kansas winner!   May they find peace and happiness knowing that they can retire comfortably now.

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"It proves real people really win."

Are you kidding me? Aren't we all real people playing the lottery?

They should let all lottery players to claim anonymously.

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I dont expect to see these folks on LCML either,

i think ppl. are getting smarter about this stuff,


at the same time i not worried about running out of idiots to entertain us.

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Yes Thrifty it should, but once a state starts out w/ public disclosure, its going to be difficult to change that.


ps my ditto comment was at the 1st 2 posters.

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What a great story........... with a wealthy "anonymous" ending.......... Wouldn't it be nice to go down the street with a grin on your face everyday for many years to come knowing that you have a little 100 million dollar secret  ????

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anonymous is lame.  we should atleast see who won to proove that its real.  on a side note, if you live in a small town where the winning ticket was purchased and you lived there for many years an suddenly your house is up for sale, the townspeople will know who the winner was.


If you want to retire with millions and have a quiet life.. Earn it. If you win out of pure luk it should be known publicly. If you can't handle the attention maybe don't play. Stick to your local smaller jackpot games.


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In response to CDanaT

Yea, i normally have a smile for ppl. i meet up w/ so no one would suspect.....

ohh wait, at work ppl. would say...whats w/ you ? then i would have to.... oh ...nevermind i won't be there. LOL

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look this is the town where the ticket was won.,_Kansas   looks like the old west, thats how small this town is.  i think it would be tough to really remain anonymous.

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In response to HiFi

Thats where the ticket was purchased, didnt say the winner lived there correct ??.....Could have been someone passing through

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In response to haymaker

The world's biggest lottery jackpot is won in two states where you can claim it anonymously and in one  state that you can't.

Mega Millions is doing such a great job.

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In response to HiFi

        Is there evidence that letting the winner remain anon. has cost the lottery players ?

anon. could have the oppisite effect, if PA. was anon. maybe they would'nt  be trying to "sell" their operation.

guessing you're in PA.  if it changed to anon. would you quit playing ?

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In response to PlayTwoWin

How about not playing the lottery since players are not treated fairly?

Can we say that Kansas lottery officials kept the money for themselves. Where is the real winner? I do not see any. Have you seen any?

The should have shown at least a picture of the winning ticket. I do not see any integrity in Kansas lottery.

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Read this:

For all of its promise, instant riches come with a price, starting with the immediate barrage of calls from relatives and distant friends eager for a handout. Never mind the need to hire specialists to address tax implications and craft a disciplined investment strategy that could avoid the fate of past lottery winners who’ve spectacularly burned through vast fortunes or found they were better off before they struck it rich.

“I’m so happy I’m seeing this. This is exactly what they should do,” said Susan Bradley, a Florida certified financial planner and founder of the Sudden Money Institute, a resource center for new money recipients such as lottery winners. “Some people are really afraid — scared of blowing it, losing who they are and being taken advantage of. Hopefully they’re getting their ducks in a row and starting to settle into the magnitude of the experience.

“If you understood how unbelievably complicated this is, you might not play,” she added. “That’s not to say that winning is a bad thing. (But with a jackpot), all your old problems are over and all your new ones are just starting.”

Some states, such as Kansas, don’t require winners to reveal their identities. Even in those that do, winners can find ways to stay out of the public eye.


real suprising that susie a certified financial planner is encouraging people to sign on with her (or another financial planner) if they win. as far as kansas winners in the past remaining anonymous. i'm sure they were much smaller jackpot winners than this alleged winner. most of you won't even play unless it's 100 million or more (talk about greed). which suprises me more that you don't want to know who won. you seem to want to protect the winner (from nothing) rather than actually verify that there was a winner. so if you buy a church raffle ticket for 100.00 and the prize is a new car lets say. you are ok with not knowing who won if the winner had that option. maybe because they would want to sell the car instead of keeping it and lo and behold they would get 25,000.00 and everyone would be after them if they knew. no one seems to be able to refute the fact that people in kansas are going to find out who these winners are somehow. it only takes one curious person to spill the beans to the world. these winners are putting there trust in lawyers and financial planners who advised them (probably) to remain anonymous. i wonder why? they are staying up nights trying to figure out a way to get a generous slice out of this you can bet your bottom dollar on that. just remember all lawyers are liars and many a crooked financial planner has come down the pike.

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In response to CDanaT

What is your point? it is still stupid. I think you need a history lesson because the government does not give a crap what is best for anyone except for themselves. My life is not so bland that I sit around and study government history. The government is nothing but a corrupt system only interested in how much it can take from others, and can't even offer the same rules for everyone.

In response to NoShame

being cautious with a 100 million dollars? if you invested it all you could probably get 8 or 9 million in interest each year. do you think they could get by on that. as far as charity goes if they stay in their town how are they going to feel if their fire station can't operate a full strength because of budget cuts. or school programs have to be eliminated because of funds. wouldn't they feel good about helping and gaining the respect of the townspeople instead of hidiing in their house to protect their "privacy". this particular couple doesn't seem to be the type who would "squander" it do you think? you cannot go back to a normal life after a score like this unless you generously share. as it is their financial planners are going to have a field day with this couple. they are no match for a battery of lawyers who will tell them anything to gain control of a large portion of their cash. plain and simple they won too much for any normal type person to handle. these lotteries were never intended to have jackpots this large. no one is satisfield with 3 or 4 million anymore. they won't even play the state lotteries with jackpots that size. you all want to big payday and the headaches that go with it. in reality they should start a employee owned town factory to employ anyone who wants to work which would benefit their town in the long run. but they won't because their financial planners will stuff into the magellan fund or some foreign oil stock so they can make a ton off commissions. good luck to these two in their new private life with cash under their floorboards.

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Ironic that you would criticize a financial planner when part of their job is to protect jackpot winners from people like you. Granted there are bad ones but given the choicde I'd go with a good one over you every single time.

You seem to have a penchant for the redistribution of other people's wealth.

It's also rather amazing that you think you know so much about other people here and how they play.

I thinik you actually have a very unhealthy jealousy about other people winning and an obsessive desire to know who won.

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In response to Coin Toss

C.T. Forget about trying to educate those who have closed minds and set ways. You can not ever fix the nebbish or the gormless of our society. No No No matter how many facts or how much evidence you present. They have been brainwashed into tunnel vision and its  become their only lifestyle choice.  Best of luck in your next jackpot purchase.  Patriot

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In response to faber98

And people should mind their own business when it comes to other people's wealth!
Everyone that wins should do as they  please with THEIR money and not worry about the Greed Of Envy people that demand that they "share".
Too many childish cry babys whine about what others have!

In response to Kumo

"For a winner that invests the bulk of his money and continues on with normal day to day activities and does not go too far beyond his old means,"

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that remark. What is the point of buying a lottery ticket with a $656 million prize if you're satisfied with your "normal" life?

For all we know the winner could be a chicken plucker and you're suggesting they keep on plucking chickens, live in the same old house and drive the same old car while they have $100 million in the bank.

"Having that kind of money would afford someone the time to come up with a good solid plan for the future."

You could move into the penthouse of a 5 star hotel and come up with solid plan. Claiming an after taxes $100 million jackpot anonymous or not, they will never again live the same "normal" life they had before.

In response to faber98

The winners don't even have to stay in Kansas if they don't want to. Everyone in the state is not going to know  who it is because the people they know don't know everyone in the state.  It's just going to be rumor that goes around. Since they did not know show their faces, you do not know who they are. Good luck trying to find out.

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In response to CDanaT

I wish that would be amazing but sadly i live in south central kansas and didn't win a <snip> thing on my ticket 

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In response to rad242

Nope but i can still dream. Maybe lightening will strike twice like with Rhode Island and Kansas will get the Powerball and i will be holding the winning ticketSmile

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All I know is that if Iowa allowed winners to collect their winnings anonymously,thats how I would collect when I win.

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In response to Cletu$2

Same down here in FL. Cletu$..........besides, winning that kind of $$ I would be having 3 diff houses in different states....Spending a few months in each place, vacations in between.....

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In response to CDanaT

I've complained about this to the folks at the Iowa Lottery,but my complaints just fall on deaf ears.They are convinced that making winners go though the dog & pony show is the ONLY way to go.

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I should have known this thread was not over 11 pages of congrats to the winner.

Just a back and forth with the bobosy twins sirbrad and faber98!! lol geeze!!Crazy

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