$206 MILLION: Mega Million lottery jackpot soars


Nice roll!  Good luck to all lottery players for next Tuesday's drawing! I think I'll buy my tickets early this round. White Bounce

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All I want for Christmas is $151.9 million!!!  That would be such a great Christmas and birthday gift for me (yep I am a Christmas baby!)!!!  How about it Mega Millions numbers?  Can you show me some love and give me a wonderful gift?  I thank you in advance!!!

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One million will make me very happy for Chrismas


BananaSo much money , hope someone win that will share like meBig Grin I would Thudbefore I could do anything so much money a good way to start the New Year!.Oh!what a great way to end an terrible year.Well good luck everyone and that's what it will be luck. Big Grin SantaMERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

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Roll Eyes without even checking the ticket I bought last night .....  I knew it was a fool's errand but I was 3/4s convinced  that this might be the one

me thinks am gonna put off getting anymore tickets till after the 1st of the year


Cheers heres to 2012 and the first major jackpot of the new year and the lucky winner/s Cheers


Yes, can some one explain to me why the MM Cash Option is always more than the PB Cash Option when they are at the same jackpot amount?


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Happy New Year !  Dance

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 the gift of a $206 million  White Bounce

Big Grin Santa

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I'm greedy.I'll settle for nothing less than the whole jackpot!

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Merry Christmas Big Grin Santa and good luck to everyone!


I'm hoping to be Louisiana's first MegaMillions jackpot winner and a jackpot like this would be great for that!

In response to Cletu$2

NOT ME!! Will take the $600 I hit last night, 3+ mega ball with Megaplier!!! Dance


I think Santa gonna stop by my house and give me my Christmas present this year..Hurray!...Go Niners.

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Anyone that does not think that 35% tax on this jackpot is enough is full of the Greed of Childish Socialist Envy! Happy New Year!

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