Connecticut Powerball mystery deepens

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PartyHow they did this money in a trust fund is great, it nice to know that other name can be added to the fund at a latter date. If these gentlemen are really stand - in for a 4th person , the 4th person life stay private . no one will be pesting them.

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Wow a new twist to the story,stay tune!

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Maybe it's someone who isn't supposed to be playing the lottery.

In Michigan state lottery officials aren't allowed to play.

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I don't think that's it.

I say each state should allow for anonymity, so people wouldn't have to come up with these strategies.

Let the winner enjoy his/her winnings in peace.

I'd say there is a 0% chance we'll be seeing these guys on "The Lottery Changed My Life" episode on TLC.

I live in Florida and I FEAR for my life if I ever won.

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In response to TheRightPrice

I understand, I grew up in Detroit.


Thumbs UpI Agree!

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Three money managers winning a $254.2 million Powerball jackpot on a $1 tickets is as suspicious as 210 players hitting 5+0 on their Powerball tickets for a single drawing a few years ago.  Like then it wasn't talked about but I'm betting PowerBall security is investigating to to be sure no trickery was involved.

Strange things happen sometimes.

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I'm still waiting to hear what they've done that's illegal or immoral.

This is my nightmare: that after going through great trouble to collect and remain anonymous, someone will "out" me.

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Just out of curiosity, after you hire a lawyer or asset managers to collect for you; How do you prevent from being left out once they collect? Are you married to these lawyers?

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In response to Nino224

They probably didn't do anything illegal but showing up with their lawyer and revealing their ocupations when their lawyer could have handled it all without them just made the public want to know more.

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In response to Nino224

The lawyer creating the trust is suppose to take care of those details, that's why you hire him.


These guys are not the real winners whenever their are 3-4 people they usually purchase 10-40 tickets at a time.

I'm not buying this story these guys did not comment much at the news conference, and the store owner is right

he don't remember seeing this guy in his store because he was never their one ticket yeah right. The lottery office should investigate

they should hold up the check until their is a investigation. These guys did not want to talk at the news conference they

were scared they would say something wrong about that day.

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I must say the entire US has seen this ,do you really think someone  who may have purchase the ticket wouldn't get their share they would really lawyer up and come after these trio.I still say there is more to this story ,however we may never know what it is.I am sure this saga will continue. Crazy

In response to winwi5

I, too, am inclined to think that these three men are fronting for someone. But it's B.S. that the press/public is bent on trying to expose the 4th party. They're likely just some smart individual who took the time and money to ensure their anonymity and privacy. Why can't they be left alone? 

And why should the lottery office investigate? They already said that rules were followed, it's perfectly legal for a trust to claim the winnings.

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