Louisiana Lottery may add Mega Millions next year


Do you know my Opinion about that, a couple years ago we had  only two lotteries here, Canada 6/49 and Select 42. 6/49 used to cost 1$ and Select 42  50 cents ( a 6/42 game with a fixed 500 000$ jackpot ) drawing were Wednesday and Saturday, then they changed the Select 42 for Quebec 49 based on Canada 6/49 still 50 cents with a fixed 1 Million jackpot, then add Lotto Super 7  a (7/47) at 2$ game , but get 3 winning combination on Friday night, next they increased 6/49 and  to 1$ to 2$ and Quebec 49 to 50 cents to 1$ with a fixed 2 Millions fixed jackpot for Q 49. After that they replaced Super 7 for Lotto Max 2$ to 5$ and became a 7/49 game with a Maximum jackpot at 50 Millions + several Mega Millions ( 1 Millions dollars jackpot add after every week ) they also ad a new Lottery call Payday ( Jour de Paye)  on Thursday that cost 2$, it's a 6/36 Lottery that has a fixed jackpot of winning 1000$ TAXFREE every week for the rest of your life. You know what ? After those changes a lot of people were thinking they will stop play lotteries, but People kept playing and playing more than before even if it's more expensive, so I don't think people will stop purchase lotteries...

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Good luck to them. I'm happy that Louisana is going to gain more revenue by adding Mega Millions.


Sounds like Good News for Louisiana. Hopefully, they will do the same for Florida.

There are rumors that Florida Lotto Sales are weak ever since Florida started Powerball.Group Hug

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There are rumors that Mega Millions will increase it's single ticket price to $2 next year, or later, depending on how well players adapt to the Powerball price increase.

Also, there are rumors that a third jackpot game is in the works. No one knows what the ticket price will be, but, there is some speculation
that it could cost $5 a play for multiple sets, similar to Canada's Lotto Max, or not.

One has to wonder if players can afford to play the more expensive games on a regular basis.
Personally, I can't. If I buy jackpot game tickets, I don't play any of the other games.
There have been times when I've played both jackpot games, mostly when the jackpots are in the $100 million range. When I
do, there is no extra money for any other game for several weeks.

One thing that could help Texas is that the higher prices could cause player to renew their interest in Texas Lotto, which will
probably remain a $1 game.

The mathematics professor is probably right - one game feeds off another depending on the jackpot amounts.

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In response to TheRightPrice

Well I always like to have a dog in the hunt, so I play every drawing of the jackpot games and whenever I visit Florida, I purchase the maximum advance play possible.  To date I have only won $9 from Florida Lotto (well actually I have won more than that but I forget the amounts I won when I played it back in the early 90s).  No problem as I hope my day will come when I can be hoisting that ceremonial check up for all to see my face...for the last time as I will travel til my hearts content.  No really I would just claim it in anonymity and travel til my hearts content, and my heart won't be content until I visit most every country in the world!  Yep I love to fly and it shows!!!

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its about freaking time Louisiana

their like turtles when it comes to change.....

glad to see they understand the fact "overall" we will make more profit then past sells of just having only 1 big jackpot game.

congrats,   your now starting to be  smarter then FL and CA lottery's,


now it be a race to see who blinks first, CA, to add powerball,     or fl, to add mega, 

then we have  True national Game, a jackpot game sold in ever lottery state!


players in fl and ca,  cry and whine to your lottery's to get with times, and add the both games,

 hell just leave a remark at retailer you buy form when you buy a ticket, wish i could also buy Mega in fl, and wish i could buy pb in ca when you buy

if retailer rembs it, he put it down in feedbacks to ca/fl lottery

i just think ca and fl , are just being dumb,lazy ,    they know perfeatly will they make a few more million in profits by having both jackpot games

, they just want to be lazy, not do their jobs to get their state ever peny it can get.

or they just suck at their jobs,

or want to save face and pretend their state lottery's dont suck compared to having both  MM/PB both selling their in  states offer to players.

players love having more options,   give it to them.

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Could this be a sign that not every lottery was in favor of the changes to Powerball, or a sign that a lottery actually listened to the players?

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"A final report from the lottery board is expected to be forwarded to the state Legislature this fall, with plans to move forward before the end of next year."

Don't you love the way government expedites everything with such blazing speed?

Who's running the show there in Louisiana, the Post Office?

"Plans to move forward" in a year and a half...  Bang! Zoom!

In response to joshuacloak

I saw on the channel 4 Los Angeles News that Powerball is probably coming by the end of the year to California. I also wanted Powerball come here like many people who kept asking the CA Lottery's facebook page. I think we want it because we haven't had much luck with SuperLotto and Mega Millions (but $2...that might be too much).


I won't be playing Powerball much when it goes to $2, since the expectation value will never get very high, so I'm looking forward to faster rising Megamillions.   This can only help.

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The Louisiana Lottery should also introduce a subscription service, which would also increase revenue.


I was born and raised in Louisianna, and I didn't even know about Mega Millions until we moved to the midwest.

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In response to Simba774

I use to have an apartment in Elgin, glad those days are behind me.

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In response to Simba774

When I hear Loozianna, I think of fried crawdads. I eat em like popcorn.

I'd go down there just for the Cajun music and the crawdads around the Breaux Bridge and Henderson area.

I hope them crawdads don't taste like oil now.

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