Siblings fight over lottery jackpot

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Such a  sad story his children should be ashamed of themselves for fighting like this.....the right thing to do is to split it between all the children......

RIP Mr. Szanto's.....

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In response to dallascowboyfan

Very sad indeed, RIP Mr. Szantos

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It's hard to judge something like this.

Were James and Christina trying to screw the others out of their rightful inheritance or did they feel they didn't deserve it because they never helped out taking care of Dad and had no use for him until he won the lottery? Maybe James and Christina had amassed considerable debt taking care of him and the others refused to contribute, who knows?

Either way, it's terrible to see a family torn apart because of money.

Family is far and away more important than money.

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This story remind me of Analis Morisette's song:"And old man,turn 98,he won the lottery and died the next day" LOL

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well, it seems that money changes some peplo, for the bad.. too sad.. and they are going to be sorry..

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Another case of money tearing up a family. So Sad.Unhappy

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more and more it doesnt matter what a will states. the court will over rule in a more equitable  way . especially among  siblings.

even it it stated  all to go to 1 child, the court will over rule it.

people must think lawyers are hard up and need the cash.

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Gosh yes!

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They are his children, so they should split it equally, especially since his will basically says so.

What, is the one daughter trying to say that becuase the ticket was under or in the furniture that she should get it? Maybe I mis read that, but bottom line is the ticket is not "furniture" so it should be split between the kids.

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The will is clear, the daughter get the furniture and everything else is to be share equally among the other children regardless of what it is.

I took a refresher business writing/grammar class this winter and the instructor said that this type of legal battle caused the rules to change with the use of a comma in front of the word "and" in a series.

Janet, Mark and Sharon

Janet thought she should get 33 1/3 and that Mark and Sharon should split the other 33 between them.  So the comma rule was changed to put a comma in front of the word and.

Janet, Mark, and Sharon

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In response to rdgrnr

 Rd, until I read your commetary, as others should as well, its clear that your scenario does shed a different light on this. The issue though is, despite the scenario did the Father still want all his children included? Bottom line, it appears from the will he did want that. Maybe in their younger years they helped their mother and therefore were tapped out. Who knows. I do know this, the man left this world with children alive and some money to spare, no more a blessing can bestowed a person.

And each of the kids should sit in a corner for a five minute time out! Thats my ruling and I'm sticking to it :)

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In response to TheGameGrl

I've actually seen a couple scenarios like that with families of people I know . Deadbeat relatives who wanted nothing to do with old mamaw or papaw until they heard she or he passed and were right there immediately with their hands out for "their share". Sad situation.


if the dad was living wit his sister and her husban.i tink the court should let them have some of the money 2,y because they were the 1 to take care of her brother not the kids and if there dad ment any ting 2 them he would have been living wit one of them and not his sister now the kids here daddy leave money they want 2 play like the good kids no i dont tink so

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Wow, there's even sibling rivalry in other countries. We often hear about family hostilities in the United States, but we're accustomed to hearing about jealousy here in our own backyard.

Perhaps, the deceased intended to make changes in his will, including some members, and leaving some out -- but that's a bit little too late, unfortunately.

Post members, if you don't have an iron clad Will, make one; and if you intend on making changes, don't waste time, do it now. Or better yet, leave $1.00 to each family member and give the rest to foundations, charities, or close friends, as long as you're legally sane and competent to do so.

Finally, live each day as if it were your last; life is too short for drama.

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