Three largest online poker sites shut down by FBI

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Is it just a coincidence the Justice Department moved against the foreign online poker companies days after Washington D.C announced they were entering the online poker business?

As we speak, nobody residing in the U.S.A can play online poker for even 2 cents. What exactly is the difference between playing online from our homes and playing in a casino?

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The difference is whether or not Unscrupulous Scam has figured out a way to get 40% of the take for doing 0% of the work.

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if i didn't know any better,I'd swear old sammy is trying like hell to turn america into a third world country...has anyone in congress  done  any estimates on how much potentially gets poured back into the economy from peoples won moneys? .... seeing as though they have an estimate for how many folks gamble onlineConfused.

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New Black Panthers intimidate voters in Philadelphia in the 2008 Election & Eric Holder determines that there was no crime, but somebody actually stimulates the economy and they are arrested !?


........................... that is why many Patriotic Americans fly the "Don't Tread On Me" Flag!


US Flag


I have a friend that is a math genius ........ he earns allot of money from on-line poker ! Paying his way thru college without debt ............. but who would want that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like the oil companies. I filled my car in December for $33 and for that today, I can get a little over half a tank of gas.

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OUCH.  I have a friend that plays at Full Tilt and he averages a good $1500-$4000 a month in extra income from poker.  He's going to cry when he hears this news.

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The article estimates 15 million American online players. Who knows the amount of revenues being lost.

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The sites are up and running just fine for me. 

Federal laws cease to amaze me. Greedy ba$tards !!

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this is what most people are getting.  You can log in but can't sit at a table to play



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The sites I saw are up and running fine too WITH NO U.S. PLAYERS.

When I tired to enter a tourney a pop-up said "Sorry, do to government regulations playing for real money is not allowed in your area".

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illegal gambling profits

my beep,this is my issue with govt, its not illegal to spend our money however we want......, its just govt being a biggest jerk on the block , aka a evil dictatorship of the rights of their own people.

how is it anyone else's business as americans  in united states What i do with my own money????

None, you all have no business in my business onless am harming you somehow......

onless am hiring a freaking hitman or something etc         , Ever other american has no business telling Me/you  how to spend my/your  money, let alone your united states representatives, aka congress who you put in power

so this is bullcarp law agiant  online gambling,but then  and they know it, you know it

congress needs to back off and learn to stfu and gtfo of everyone business

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there are more worse things happening in the world than trying to indict an online poker site. I NEED TO MOVE TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick and tired of these federal Bullies spending our tax dollars on this type of ####!! Try catching the man that is killing people in NewYork, you <snip>s!!!!!

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bam bo kla


back door way of getting taxes

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Naw, we're not guilty until proven innocent, but I'm sure we'd be shut down during an investigation as well if we were suspected of breaking laws... let's just see what comes out of it.

Canadians and other countries are use to being censored from American websites and video games, etc... this is not new to us, and I'm sure some of us also find ways to skirt the laws for those, but you'd still have to expect to pay the piper if you get caught, or if they crack down.

They're not going to let it keep running while they look things over :)... it doesn't matter who's money it is...

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This totally sucks. Does anyone know if people in Canada or Mexico can play on betslips?


I wonder if it is as simple as setting up a bank account in those countries and then logging in with a proxy server located in canada. All of this can be had at minimal cost. I just know they are coming after the *other* site so I think its prudent to keep future options open.

In response to gurlseven

"Naw, we're not guilty until proven innocent, but I'm sure we'd be shut down during an investigation as well if we were suspected of breaking laws... let's just see what comes out of it."

You're confusing the Pokerstars website with the actual poker games site. The poker games site was never shut down and the information given to U.S. Pokerstar players was shown two pages ago. Simply put, Americans can't wager on that site or any other, but the rest of the World can.

"Canadians and other countries are use to being censored from American websites and video games, etc..."

Did you actually read the article?

It's not about Americans censoring the rest of the World or the World censoring Americans.

Because of U.S. Government regulations, Americans can't play for real money on those sites, but they can still watch the rest of the World play or play using imaginary free money.


If you check the poker news it says the sites are back up at and, it seems everything is back to normal except US players can't deposit for now. I really hope they find another payment processor soon.

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New York has won 2 Powerball Jackpots since 12/25/2010 & 5 Mega Millions Jackpots since 5/25/2010 !

I would like to know the odds on that !

I sense something rotten !


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This is some bullsh..t ! The government is always looking to get their greedy azz hands on everything ! I hate the fact that Online gambling is not legal here in the good old USA. If it were it would benefit the country in more ways then one. I hate the fact that this happened because I enjoy playing poker online because its much easier then going to a casino which for me is 8 hours away ! There is no gambling with the exception of State lottery  here in boring azz North Carolina ! This luxuray of playing a game that I have learned to play well enough to make a profit has been snatched away from me ! Darn government knows how to ruin it for everyone !!!

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While during my taxes, I noticed that gambling and lottery winnings has been added to the list of monies that are subjected to my city taxes this year. 

Until these online gambling businesses come up with a way to pay taxes same as legal local businesses, they are going to be illegal.  Federal, states and local governments aren't going to allow them to take millions of dollars out of their communities and not give anything back.


I must have missed something because pokerstars is up and running fine, I'm playing on it as we speak? from what I read the top three sites including pokerstars was shut down?  What's the story?

In response to SouthAustinJim

It's called bad News reporting!

Pokerstars dot com, Fulltilt dot com, and Absolute poker dot com were all seized and shut down by the FBI. Their poker room sites never shut down and it's business as usual for everyone outside the U.S. I'm assuming you're playing for free money because Pokerstars won't let any U.S. player play for real money.


So many different comments, however, no one is commenting on the "acutal charges" of fraud these sites conducted in the transactions of money in and out. How come?

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In response to Adesso

Some call it fraud.

Some call it being creative.

It's a dance that some learn in order to do what they want and keep what they have.

People in government think it's their job to keep people from doing what they want and they like to confiscate a portion of what they have.

They're obviously wrong but for some reason we put up with it.

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In response to SouthAustinJim

ya pokerstars is up and running but friday they no longer let United States players play for real money just for fun ...I have 40 dollars in acount but cant use it ,,,,,,,they tell me my money is safe so i guess i will be cashing out all my chips could still play for money friday night on fulltilt but come sat morning i could no longer get on sight to play for fun even,,,,, it asked me if i wanted to update account which is common just about every day and then it said it couldnt i tried it again and this time i clicked no to update and it wouldnt do anything....i got thier new website from another LP member because thier old domain name was siezed by FBI ...the new website gave a phone number to contact them , but it looks like no United states players can play for fun even now...I am on 2 other small time poker websites ultimate bet and intertops and you can still play for money there....the took the big dogs down first and im sure next they will go after all the smaller poker wesites soon ....its sad the profesional players and part timers cant play anymore ,,think about all the money they put in the  economy here...some players will move and some will stay an figure out another way past roadblock.

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In response to Goalisamillion

Wow that is a shame.

I am wondering with all this and that going wrong and the government and businesses in turmoil if they will soon allow more states to have casinos.

Living near Nashville I can make it to Tunica MS or Metropolis IL pretty quick -- 2 or 3 hours (or even fly to Vegas via Southwest, directly), but it is still pretty far to go. But many folks are much further away than that.

I think every state, or maybe every other state should have a casino. They could regulate it, get their share and let everyone be happy.

At least we have lottery, I guess..

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I don't think they'll go after sportsbooks, with the exception of maybe Bodog.   Sportsbooks aren't as big as poker sites.  So far they're all up and running still.


im so glad its shutdown i deposited about 1,500.00 on it  and live on a fixed income i though i would try my luck on poker online at first it was ok than about4/1/2011 i could not win hardly win any hands it was like playing a comp.last monday after i lossed all my money monday date was 4/11/2011 i started to watch other players i noticed HWGDF playing at about 20 tables and winning on all of them this player was only playing 5.00 and up tour.and sit go tables B.S i have lots of other names,and how can a person get beat 95% of the time i have aa ak u know play the good hands just to get beat on 4 and 5 cards by 5,j not even suited isendFTP EMAIL ON 4/11/2011 and told them to please send my money back to my bank i got no reply no money back what A SUCKER I WAS I hope they all get fryed now i have got to get back on my feet again FRY THEM BASTER ,  P.S IF POLICE OR F,B.I NEED THE NAMES  CONTACT ME USERNAME COULD BE TRACKED BACK TO ALL THE CHEATERS

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