Lottery bill could limit winner's take

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Food stamp abuse is running wild in Michigan, we now have people moving here to get better welfare bennies.

There are truly people in need here and when the system is abused it takes away from families and the brink of disaster.

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this is a toughy, how about  they take what theyve ben paid in welfare out the prize? take the whole prize just because someones down on their luck.

are not a lot of people out of work over there now?

winning a nice amount will disqualify them from payments, and they will spend the money like drunken sailors.

sure the cash was a handout.

but man people have to have some hope in their lives.

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In response to savagegoose

I Agree!They should take out the money from the welfare benefits they received. I think that would be a fair way to deal with this because it's not always easy to know who abuses the system systematically.

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The politicians stealing money from the citizens!



We are citizens .... not sources of income !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm not saying I agree or disagree with this legislation, but to those who say "subtract the welfare payouts from a prize (if they win one)", that does not solve the problem they are trying to address.  It does not discourage welfare recipients from playing, because the amount of welfare payout removed from a jackpot is negligible, compared to the overall jackpot.  Meanwhile, the chances of actually winning the jackpot is very small, and the probability that the welfare money is being spent on losing lottery tickets is much higher.

One thing I do agree with, as far as this legislation is concerned, is that people should NEVER gamble with money that they cannot safely afford to lose.  The lottery is entertainment, not an investment.

On the other hand, I am very much against government intrusion.  I do not believe the government has any right to tell people not to gamble.  That includes over the Internet.  (Just like how the government should not take from one group of people and give it to another.)

Perhaps the politicians should just grow a backbone and reform the welfare system, rather than tinkering with the lottery.

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In response to Todd

I agree with the sentiment, but the "government" is so intrusive these days, that the list of what we are allowed to do will soon be very short!

I am on Social Security Disability. I spend $2 to $4 a week either Mega Millions or Powerball. This is my only hobby. Should I win; does the "government" have the "right" to limit my winnings?

"Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness" - kinda' in the Constitution!

We the People! ....... NOT ......... "We the Government"

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In response to Todd

I'm proud to be American but since I've been here (China), it seems that the USA is becoming more and more NOT '"for the people, by the people". I've been away from the USA for over 4 years and so much has changed. Don't think I will go back for a long while, except to visit.

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here in australia, they have something called, " quarantined payments "

there is half the welfare check goes onto a gov card. and it cant be spent on stuff like smokes, alcohol gambling, other half  can be spent how the person likes.


"One too many times, I saw people standing in line who appeared to be poor and they were buying tons of lottery tickets."

I don't know how appearing to be poor proves the players are on welfare because I stopped on my way home from working in a factory many days and I certainly wasn't dressed in my Sunday best. Anybody would have thought I was very poor especially when I got into the beater car I drove to work.

This bill won't prevent anyone from buying tickets or collecting over $600 when they can simply get someone to cash it for them for a commission. Part of the Dateline NBC investigation was about the relatives of store owners collecting multiple jackpots. None of the store owners said they were cashing the tickets for players who didn't want it know they won, but it's obvious they were because of the large number of winners.

If it's true that some Welfare recipients have enough money left over to purchase "tons of lottery tickets", the legislators ought to be investigating their Welfare Department and not worry how people dress when buying lottery tickets.

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Just another way the rich get richer and the poor get more poor.

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If this thing does end up getting approved, at the very least they should allow welfare recipients to collect the winnings MINUS the amount they have been given in welfare. That way they would have all of their welfare checks paid back. I do not agree with disqualifying people from being able to win just because they are on welfare.


There are many of times where less wealthy people have won large jackpots. Its all about being lucky. Some less wealthy people are in financial ruin due to unforseen circumstances.


What if a child had to have a heart transplant which cost the parents every penny they had, and ended up having to recieve welfare? Why should those parents not be able to claim a jackpot if they won?


Not fair to ban them all

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If they really wanted to quit wasting taxpayer money, they'd close the State House.

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Look I think everyone here is missing the point! I think it needs to be done just like what ALL the states that have lotteries do already to those who win money over the $600.00 dollars that owe back state taxes or child support, take as much of it to satisfy just what they owe! And yes the Federal Government does the same thing to those who owe back child support or back Federal taxes that are getting a tax refund for any given year! They pay up every penny of what they owe before they can get any refund check!

And that's exactly what needs to be done to those who receive state assistance. Anyone who is on any state assistance program shouldn't be spending the money that's given to them by that states tax payers on gambling PERIOD! And those who are getting that assistance check and gambles that said money and wins any money over the the $600.00 dollars should have to forfit all of the winnings to that states assistance check program to satisfy all or part of what they have already received from that states assistance check program!!!!! No ifs ands or butts about it!

It's only fair to the tax payers of those states!

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Are they serious?  I sure hope this doesn't pass.  Did it ever occur to these lawmakers that these people are playing to get OFF welfare.  SMH

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In response to dpoly1

Social Securtiy payments are NOT welfare, you paid for that benefit during your working years each week by FICA taxes. Therefore, as you get benefits which you are well entitled to you should be able to do whatever the HELL you want and screw the Government for telling you what you can or cannot do.

In response to Todd

"Perhaps the politicians should just grow a backbone and reform the welfare system, rather than tinkering with the lottery."

I thought you just said you did not like government intrusion? You do not agree or disagree,... how wishy-washy. Government is not telling people they cannot gamble, read it again. Nowhere does it say they are tinkering with the lottery. State governments that have lotteries do not tinker, but rather run it like a business. Is there something wrong with the welfare department doing the same? Do you know the terms of use the recipient signs to? There are use restrictions by LAW. That is backbone.


This is reform. I like these Republicans! They have backbone!

Wait until you hear the entertainment entitlements like subscription TV and internet are withdrawn. Persue happiness on your own dime. Welfare people are malcontent when it comes to what they think the government should do for them so there is no happiness they could ever be granted or persue through welfare. Entertainment is not a constitutional entitlement, anybody who thinks it is, is touching themselves.


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"Did it ever occur to these lawmakers that these people are playing to get OFF welfare."

Did it ever occur to you to consider the odds that they'll get off welfare that way? The lotteries generally pay out 50 cents on the dollar, and jackpots have odds starting at about 10 million to 1. On average it takes $10 million to win a jackpot of $5 million.  If you think it makes sense to let people who claim to need government assistance to get by to spend $10 million so that one of them can win a jackpot and stop collecting government assistance there's a major flaw in your thinking process.

"The politicians stealing money from the citizens!"

Where do you think the money  that people on government assistance get comes from? It's money from taxpayers. You know, money that you think  politicians stole from people. I've got no problem with the government collecting taxes for things that are essential, but giving money to people on welfare so that they can play the lottery misses that list by a wide margin.

It's really simple. If you're on welfare and you can find $10 to spend on lottery tickets then your welfare payments are at least $10 more than they should have been.

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In response to Todd

wow  now  I  have  heard  everything !!!!  this  simpleminded   lawmaker  is  a  complete  fool  ;

this   attitude  driven  Klansmans   and  his  folowers  need  to  re-exaim  their  own  lives  before  telling  someone  elese  how  to  spend  their  moneyt.....

what  about  state contractors  and  lobbiest  for  the  wine and beer  industry???

they  get  tax  dollars  and  who  rents  to  the  government  office  space  ???

the  pennys  we  give  our  citizens  should  be  there  money  to-do  what  they  think  best.....

a  lucky  number  could  chang  their  whole  life  in  an  instant.........I Agree!

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In response to stripesnsolids

Getting a job, is getting off welfrare , not gambling with tax payer money.

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I guess if this bill would move one state over, I wouldn't be allowed to play the lottery at all either.  Our family went on food stamps when my husband lost his job in April.  Our amount that we receive has since been reduced since he found another job that pays a fraction of what he was making.  So because we receive foodstamps ($88/mo., mind you...for a family of 5), I'm not allowed to spend a few dollars a week on a lottery?

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In response to mjwinsmith

When running for office, the pols like to TELL you it's a "benefit" or "entitlement" but it's nothing but a tax; the money goes into the General Fund. People think that by "paying into the system", they have the right to get payments back, later, but the courts have ruled otherwise.

Congress can change the rules on what they do with that money and who is "entitled" to receive it, at any time. See Flemming vs Nestor.

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In response to gonnawinwatchme

Gonnawin, technically if you held a job thru life and paid in state taxes, you deserve the programs offered when times get ruff. Sorry that some folks arent understanding of that dynamic to life.

I disagree with any law that inhibits a tax paying citizen yet allows any person ( non american) to claim and leave with the winnings....we dont seem to have a problem with that antic....

If the laws are over 18 and breathing...then that is that....

The state made it profits...this is double dipping....

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In response to gonnawinwatchme

gonnawinwatchme, I nor anyone else is saying that at all. I think most of us here have a problem with the assistance check that most welfare recipients receive is spent on the lottery instead of the children/family as intended (clothes, utility bills etc.)! I don't believe that a person who receives an assistance check is to spend any part of that money on any form of gambling, cigarettes or alcohol! That's the tax payers money that the state is giving away to people who can not support their family for whatever reason! And that's the only thing that cashed assistance check is to be spent on THE PEOPLE IN THAT FAMILY AS INTENDED, not the lottery!

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He's a freshman legislator, who needs to build up some credits in the political arena, not protecting people. He must provide a more solid statistical research to convince people.

Just wait to see what happen to his votes next term. Because during this economic woes there are many people receiving "government" aids playing lottery. Their $1 dreams are being attacked; they will respond.

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In response to Todd

The main reason I think they don't tackle welfare reform, is because they lack Intestonal fortitude, nor testicles or both...!..

They need to stay out of peoples lives, instead of trying to lead them..

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In response to BaristaExpress

Barista, I respectfully differ with you ....a larger amount of folks are on it that use it wisely, yet its overshadowed and magnified by some of the incidences that are seen in larger city area groupings as opposed to small town workers who get yanked from jobs because the business ran off to mexico. In the matter of assistance checks...its very much managed the same way child support. PLease contact a lawyer on this, as I had to do, not a red cent needs to go to the child! Not one dern dime..its technically for the custodial adult , so until the laws change that child support actually goes to the childs welfare or care, we have no right to spew less then positive commentaries for welfare folks...statistically the average state residence(employed) pays less then half a percent  a year to welfare assitance...most is contributed by the business tax's...You pay more in gas tax each time you fill up the pump!!! yet no complaints for folks who fuel up....

I disagree with any law that impedes someone who is poor to begin...surpressing them.....THink about it...if the person wins, they will go BUY things...increasing the economy.. (which Republicans LOVE!! ) and this should be a positive.....

I really think some class actions could transpire against Michigan if they discriminate in this manner...


dpoly1, we are the exploited, taxed, bankrupted, audited, feed, fined, foibled and fund-generating mice in the cage with the wheel. Your declaration doesn't mean much to a lifelong purveyor/recipient of government largess, who bows only to lobbyists and BIG Business. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we lost the "Citizen" status quite awhile back.


mjwinsmith, you can thank your lucky stars for the Obama "Miracle of Hope", as the Emperor revamps healthcare, social security, Medicare and the economy. Why, you might even have FIVE DOLLARS to wager, once Obama implements his full agenda!

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In response to dpoly1

Yes I agree. Also, this is discrimination of poor people and its unconsitunial and aginst our laws. What they should do is take what

monies they owe the system from their winnings, New York has a law that does just that.

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