Powerball winner breaks ground on latest gift

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Who am I to judge?

So I guess I won't.

No Nod

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I'd like to know if that was the whole wad.  I can't watch the video cuz they still ain't pipin' in hi-speed to the stump jumpers back up in here.

Did the video mention if that was all of his winnings or how much he won?

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Thank you rdgrnr Big Grin Angel for preventing my rush to judgement...I skipped the video first time around but now have newfound faith in the Reverend.

He won:



$10,000,000 is a modest gift and in my enlightened opinion, not as bad as giving the entire amount to a college. Hopefully he finds very good

things to do with the other 5%.

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This is spreading the wealth the way it is meant to be!

His money goes where HE wants it to go!

US Flag

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A lot of christians say in the bible its wrong to gamble and gambling is a sin, lottery is a gambling game that Reverend Dr. Solomon Jackson chose to  play in,  it can't be a sin if a reverend chose to play it and in the process won big can it?

In response to rdgrnr

Nope I don't think that's the whole wad....The guy won more than 250 Million  so unless he has a garage full of Rolls..Bently and Ferrari's then I say he's got 10's of Millions left.   But that's a hefty donation he's given...I hope he can continue to do good work and not get caught up in too much media attention.....He seems like a good guy and handles the money well so good luck to him....

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In response to dr65

Thanks dr65 and petergrfn.

Yeah, that's a nice chunk o' change and a nice chunk he gave the college.

From some of his talk it sounds like he's being pestered for handouts.

I wish him the best.

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Wow, what a generous man. I like it when people like him win big.

In response to buttercake

I am a Christian and I gamble... The Bible also says that you can consume of the wine, but, do not get drunk... I believe that everything is ok in moderation, as long as it does not harm you, i.e. (drugs). You have overbearing Christians that make me ashamed of being a child of Christ. Because they believe that sitting at home reading the bible and going to church is the only thing in this life that matters and I say... how are you supposed to witness to people when you spit in their face because they are a sports fan or gamble? I think that the best way to witness to someone is to rise above those people and become a better person by representing the true meaning of being Christian... Jesus loves the sinner and the non sinner he may not approve, and he wants to lead you in the right path but in the end that choice is yours... You shine the light of Christ in your life, and that representation to your friends and co-workers of what God has done in your life is witness enough to make them think that this path that they have choose is not the right path... sometimes it is not your words but actions that define you and where you stand.

God Bless you, and the Rev.

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In response to adamc224

Dittoes, adamc.

Now if you could just get some of these holier-than-thou's in TN to let us buy whiskey without traveling all over the dadgum state to get it or making it ourselves, well, I'd be happier than a fat rat in a cheese house.

In response to rdgrnr

HEY..... there is nothing like some homemade shine.... "peach or cherry?" -Days of Thunder-

In response to rdgrnr

No NodI don't understand your statement., just what are you saying I want to know.I would hope even you wouldn't turn this good,good deed into something else but.

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In response to louise black

I was just asking how much he won, Louise. The article didn't specify how much he won and I can't watch the video cuz they won't pump in that hi-speed internet to us pore white trash crackers up here in the mountains.

dr65 and petergrfn responded and told me he won $260 million.

I then said I wished him the best.

I don't know how you misunderstood anything. It was plain old English without even having to deal with my hillbilly accent. You oughta hear me when I got a mouth full of biscuits and gravy and try to talk. It's even worse with corn bread and soup beans. I ain't even gonna mention shoo-fly pie or apple-pan dowdy. Hot peppers are worse though. That's when I get to howlin like a ol' howlin wolf. Ooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww, oooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I think the absolute worst though is when I got one of them old cheap whiskey hangovers. Oooohh, Lawd have mersaaay! My tongue be wallerin out like a dyin calf in a hailstorm, Louise. You gotta see it sometime. The little woman says I commence to making a sorrowful, nerve racking, pitiful, gut-wrenchin moanin sound like the world ain't never seen.

I'm bout to fix me a little taste right now, Louise. If you was here I'd set ya fine seff up too.

No cheap stuff now, Louise. It's Gentleman Jack tonight.

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Here is the breakdown of how much he gave for each thing:

- $3 million for a new dorm


- $2.5 million for a new administration building


- $1 million to the college's general endowment


- $1 million to endow athletic scholarships


- $747,000 for a new maintenance building and vehicle shed


- $500,000 for freshman scholarships


- $450,000 for a coach bus


- $435,000 for a new roof for an existing dorm



I remember hearing about this guy and seeing a video of him at the press conference. Really nice guy and is the kind of person you want to hear about winning.

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In response to rdgrnr

somepeople have luck with>>>WAD>>>of>>>>>$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!

we were bring'$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$>>WAD'SSSSSSSSSSSof$$$$$$$$$$from>>>>>>>VEGAS!!!!!!


DON't<<<<<<<<<THINK<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<1/2 UUUUUUUUUUUUUU<<<<<<<on LP KNOW what$$$?????

it is 22222222222BUY<A>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>car,>truck.>R>ABOAT>>>>22222222IMPROVE>UR>FAMILY!!!!




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In response to psykomo

Well, alrighty then.

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PartyCongrats and good job..........

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In response to rdgrnr

I do like your way of thinking! ;)

In response to rdgrnr

Oh! rdgrnr have you ever though about doing comedy, you are a very funny guy . You should check into it ,I think you are funnier than Jeff Foxworth ,really I think the LP family would agree with me . That way you can talk about all the Political figure you want without any kick back only money. Good LuckThumbs Up

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In response to louise black

Actually, my current wife said she wishes I was on TV.

So she could turn it off once in a while.

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In response to whitmansm2

Well thank you whitmansm2, I hope you come around more often.

I need encouragement, moral support, positive reinforcement and occasional soothing.

Maybe I just need to be held.

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In response to Todd

A good steward! I often believe that one day, whenever I attempt to play the lottery and win, that I will be ready. I will also be that good steward. I enjoyed this story primarily because of the scriptures that comes to mind. I am afraid that I will be too generous and not careful to know what direction to actually go in. Being led by God is where I will want to be. I love my family and friends and I desire to see a bigger picture and not to be caught up in fulfilling a host of desires. Your life, Reverend Dr. Solomon Jackson, Jr., was exactly where God could use you! Continue to be blessed!

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