Boss wins lottery, stays on job for his staff

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True humanitarian.

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Thumbs UpWhat a good guy, that the kind of boss you want,I must say cheers to the employees.Cheers They too did a noble thing by supporting their boss in a time of recession.A win, win for everybody.CONGRAT!!!!!!!!Party

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That's very nice of him. Yes Nod


I like reading this kind of story.....with all the negativity, it's good to know that good things happen to good people.....

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Congratulations, Westburys, on your tax-free lottery jackpot win!!!

What fun.  Now you are able to promote a couple of those faithful employees to executive management positions soon, so that your family will be able to take quarterly 1-2 week eppisodes away from work.  I hope you won't put-off enjoying these jackpot monies for longer than 1-2 quarters.

US Flag  Love

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PartyCongrats...thats so sweet......

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may god continue to bless him there are still some good hearted people on this earth

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Lightning even strikes at lightning protection firms. Mr Westbury sounds like a good man. He deserves it.

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In response to rdgrnr


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Congrats to "The Boss" and his employees ...........

I am hoping that the lottery lightning strikes me tomorrow !

US Flag 35% in taxes is enough for the Regime !

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Hurray!What a loving, kind man!  Congratulations to him and is crew.

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Good guy. That'd be a tough spot to be, big jackpot winner and a boss who determines the fate of many. You'd want to quit to enjoy everything that comes with being a jackpot winner but if you do so you cause a lot of unemployment. Maybe he'll be able to promote some people and be able to take a long vacation and enjoy the money.


What a boss! Talk about being loyal to those who were loyal to you!

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