Nine Israelis arrested for US lottery scam


I hope Israel sends these thieves to America for prosecution.Anyone that would prey on and steal from senior citizens is lower than whale crap...and thats at the bottom of the ocean!


Never,ever send somone money to collect a lottery winning.

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In response to MaddMike51

whale crap?

thats pretty low..............

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It's still just peanuts compared to what the 419 scammers are taking in from suckers..... er, "victims" from around the world, but it's nice to see a little justice once in awhile. Smash


I didn't know that Nigeria was part of Israel, or is it that Israelis are in Nigeria...?

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In response to hjones

Perhaps you should invest in a globe.

I was merely pointing out the prevalence in worldwide confidence scams.

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Like My dad always said, " Nothing is free in life!" When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is a scam. 

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In response to MaddMike51


BUT, (alway's a BUTT outdar)

I hope D usa of AMERICA will

send D freddie mac >>>>>>

send D fannie mae  >>>>>>

2 Israel as eXchange !!!!!!!!!!

those A HOE's are ASKING???

for a ($&%)$750 BILLION ???


WOW??? & we sit around for

them to pass-out peanut's???

only psykoo get's no<<<<<<


BUTT,? why should "THEY"???

Jack-in-the-Box LP member's DEZERV JP$!


In response to chasingadream

that IS pretty low! hehe


It is good to see one of these things actually get caught, because there are too many of them around. And I mean it's easy for me to say, but how can ppl continually be caught with these scams! It's unfortunate that they the elderly are less aware of these kind of things and seem to continue to be caught...



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