4 tickets win $330 million lottery jackpot

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Eh well, better luck for me next time. Four winners and 36 2nd prize winners, is that a record or something? How much do you think they will end up with each? In any case, it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully the jackpots will be bigger more often than they've been in the last two years, it's definately more exciting once it crosses the 200 million dollar mark.


IN an update to this story on the 1010wins website the Maryland Lottery director said that the odds of winning were the same as "being struck by lighting in the same spot at the same time every day for a week". that is gross exaggeration, the odds of being struck by lighting are 100K to 1 or thereabouts so the odds of being in the same spot every day for a week and a lightning storm happening every day for a week in that location etc. must be at least in the trillions. Anyway anytime the odds are quoted it is based on ONE ticket for ONE drawing, and as you know most people buy at least 5.

I don't know where the nj winner was sold yet. (they should say "4 winning tickets sold", not "4 people won") I went down to Stop&Shop, hoping to see a convoy of News vans and reporters waiting patiently with microphones and maybe some balloons and whatnot adorning the supermarket entrance, but no such thing was found. So unless I have a stray ticket I forgot I played, it wasn't me. I always play in several locations so that at least the odds are higher that it was the same store.

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In Texas, 2 of the 3 "5 of 5" winning tickets were sold at the same Exxon gas station in San Antonio, and they were not quick picks.

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I'm just glad it was multiple winners. It's better to make four people extremely happy than to make one person yet another pompous, morally corrupted "Jack-ass". Congratulations to the winners. Keep buying tickets and build my jackpot, please. Wink

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Damn... so close, yet so far.  I'm in Maryland and can play in both Maryland and Virginia (mega million) plus DC (powerball).  And now two of those three sites  sold winning tickets and none were mines.  Angry No Nod  Unfortunately Maryland and Virginia are pretty big and the places that win in those states are never near where I am.  Why is that? Hmmmm....

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Rarely do I get *cheerleader* on a particular state to win, but by golly..Three cheers for a Mega Winner in maryland! I play there and am pleased that at least my loss is their gain!

Very pleased to see it split in four tickets! There will be no GRANDSTANDING when the person leaves with a little over 36 million cash.  My only sore spot is that Maryland recoups twice on tickets, one thru sales and then again when they tax the person at 7%....

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I'm happy 4 winning tickets were sold also, otherwise I would feel more bitter, or I guess jealous. I still wish it was me though, one day I hope it will be!

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In response to MissNYC

I second that. 

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Congratulations to the winners. $82.5M is certainly more than enough for 1 person.

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Wow-some guy nicknamed Bunky won.  Wait a minute--Bunky???

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You are so right.

I understand, the owner of the store that sold the winning ticket here in Maryland threw a party for the patrons that came into the store on Saturday. I was told that the young couple that won went out early Saturday morning and picked up a new car from a Ford dealership with out putting out any money. Now this is "hear say" from someone who went to the store Saturday morning. She seemed to know alot about the winners. She said she isn't related but that the couple is young and good people (Spritual Healers). I'm happy for them, but they need to lay-low.


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In response to Litebets27

litebets check out the sun

look at the maryland section where it says dundalk winner.

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In response to four4me

Thanks Four4me.

I guess my informant was telling the truth, although she left out the fact that the Spritual Healers are Witches and Warlocks. There seems to be a big following of Wicca in this area. I wonder if it helped them to win the big one!

Wow! They're going to be featured on the 11:00 news.


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