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Five People From Lubbock Win $36 Million Texas Lotto Jackpot

May 3, 2006, 11:00 am

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Texas Lottery

Jackpot is the first for Texas Lotto's new game format 

Five people, all longtime friends, put their money together to purchase a lotto ticket at a 7-11 in Lubbock. That lotto ticket is now worth $36 million.

Obviously, they're ecstatic, but also a bit hesitant about making headlines. They wish to remain anonymous until the day they claim the prize, and the media is respecting their wishes.

One person's dream led to the winning six numbers. The cash value option was chosen, so after taxes, the five lucky Lubbockites will split around $21 million.

One winner, a single grandmother, said the money isn't as important as the safety of her family and that's why she wants to remain anonymous. She says the group is consulting a lawyer about splitting up the money.

Then, in a few weeks, the winners will head to Austin to pick up their prize, somewhere around $4 million each. At that time, the winners names will become public information and they say then they will likely talk about becoming millionaires.

One of the winners just a few months ago was the big winner in another sweepstakes. Put her name next to lucky in the dictionary.

Also lucky are the workers at the 7-11 at 98th and Indiana, where the winning ticket was bought. They'll receive some of the $360,000 the store is expected to receive for selling the winning ticket.

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