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TX winner a potential loser
I agree with Freddie. Besides, I read this study that says that people who opt for a lump sum usually go through all the money in a few years. If you get the money over 20 or 30 years you will sti...
Wednesday, September 4, 2002, 2:48 pm - convp7690 - Jackpot Games forum

just a thought
But there can be 5 tickets on each play slip so it would in fact be only 27 million play slips
Friday, July 19, 2002, 7:37 am - convp7690 - Lottery Discussion forum

just a thought
A company in New York bought all 80 million combinations for a jackpot worth a couple hundred million and a lot of people thought that was cheating. What would be neat is if someone set up a lotto re...
Friday, July 19, 2002, 7:54 am - convp7690 - Lottery Discussion forum

The winners from that $331mil jackpot(Does anyone know?)
This is an excerpt from the Sales Brisk for Mega Millions story posted today (6/16) by Jeffry Scott from the Atlanta Journal: It probably doesn't hurt that one of the last Big Game winners, first-t...
Tuesday, July 16, 2002, 10:24 am - convp7690 - Lottery Discussion forum

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