Your Private Inbox / Private Messages

Your Private Inbox acts much like an e-mail account in that you can send and receive messages to and from other Lottery Post members, and you can store up to 40 messages.

To enter your Private Inbox, click Private Inbox directly on the blue menu bar at the top of any page.  (You do not need to select an option from the drop-down menu — you can click the main Private Inbox graphic directly.)

When you click Private Inbox, you will see a listing of any messages that are currently in your Inbox.  Any new messages (that you have not yet read) are displayed in bold text.

You have several options for interacting with your private messages, such as:

  • Click on a message's title to display the message.
  • Delete a single message by clicking the "X" symbol next to the message (you will be asked if you are sure).
  • Delete several messages at one time by clicking the check box next to each message you wishto delete, and then move your mouse over the Message Options link and click Delete from the popup menu.
  • Premium members only: You can move messages into storage folders one at a time by clicking the small "move" icon next to each message, or move several at once by clicking the checkbox next to each one and choosing Move to Folder from the Message Options popup menu.

Viewing and Replying to Messages

When viewing a message, you have the additional options of replying to the message or deleting it.  When replying, the original message text is automatically added to your message.  Always type your reply text at the top of the message — above the text from the message you are replying to.

If you make the mistake of typing your reply below the previous text, the recipient may not notice your reply text, and may delete it without reading it, thinking you sent it accidentally.

Send a New Private Message

There are three different ways to begin sending a private message:

  1. Click Send New Message in the Private Inbox menu at the top of the page
  2. If you are already viewing your Private Inbox, you can click Send New Message on the left side of the Inbox, above the Inbox link
  3. Click on the recipient's username anywhere it appears on Lottery Post, and select Send <member> a Private Message from the popup menu.

If the recipient's name is not already in the "To" box, you can either type the name or select it from the drop-down box containing members who you previously marked as a "favorite member".

When typing a username, Lottery Post will try to help you by suggesting names that start with the letters you enter ("auto-complete").   If you see a name that you're looking for, simply click it with your mouse and the complete username will be entered into the space automatically.

If you check the "E-mail Notify me when message is read" box, we will send you an e-mail once the private message is opened by the recipient.

Note:  for security purposes, private messages sent to the Lottery Post Administrator will not honor the request for e-mail notification.

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