Private Messages: Creating folders to organize messages

Platinum featurePlatinum members at Lottery Post have the ability to store vast numbers of private messages.  In order to organize those messages and make them easier to find, Platinum members can create up to 50 storage folders in the private message system.

(See a comparison of features available at each membership level:

A private message folder works just like a folder or directory on your computer's hard disk, except instead of storing files, it stores private messages.

For example, if you have a favorite member that you correspond with and you wish to store messages received from him or her, you can create a private message folder named after them, and move their messages into it.

Or if you have particular subjects of interest, such as "wheels", "systems", "predictions", etc., you can create private message folders for them and organize your private messages in that way.

Or maybe you have "things to do" or "ideas" or you like to store messages by calendar date.  Any way you want to organize your messages, the private message folders will help you do it.

You can create up to 50 private message folders, rename existing folders, and delete folders.  You can do any of those things as often as you like.

Creating a private message folder is simple:

  1. Click New Folder... in the Private Messenger links.  (See illustration)
  2. When prompted, enter the name for your new private message folder, and click Create Folder to create it.  You may enter a name up to 20 characters in length.

New Folder command

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