pick 4 system in excell

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Hi all,


anybody have system pick-4 in excell posted by PAStone?

Could you please send me a copy at Thanks

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PAStone,I would also like a copy sent to me. My e-mail is


Please send me the excel sy

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Did you ever get the Pick3and4 system that you asked for.


Not yet,still waiting. If you have it please sent the same to


Hi, I'm have been checking my old E-Mail's, I think I have a copy of that file.



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i could also use the 3 & 4 system if anyone has a

copy available . thanks

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maybe Elaine can post the link for all of us. Thanks


Hi everyone, I uploaded the 3-4 excel system. I haven't used Yahoo in

a long time, I hope I did it right.



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When I clicked on the folder, it indicated that folder was empty.  Did I do something wrong??/

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It's empty or can't be shared with the public, one or the other.

Can you e-mail it to us?


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Click on the name of the folder you want to view:

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Elaine,  In using that link you get this error message.  It is still not working. 

"The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible."  Please color=#0000ffsign in and try again or check with the owner of the file.


OK, this does'nt seem to be working. If you want to send a private message with your E-Mail I will send the files to you. Sorry for this mess up.



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PM has been sent with my e-mail.

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Please send it to me also and I will test it in New York and report my results.  Thanks.

The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible.

Pleaseface=Arial color=#0000ff sign inand try again or check with the owner of the file

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Thanks alot for the excel. I got it....:)


Has it been tested in Florida yet? If so and it works I would not mind getting the file.


Hi, Elaine Could you email too at

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Please email it to me also please.  thanks in advance.

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also to me .


can some explain how to work this excel I  have the program but don't know what to do.where do I add the previous draws to wheel.


Elaine would you please email this system to

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still waiting for you to send it to me. Thanks


elaine, i would also like it e-mailed to me at thanks for taking the time out of day ,jim

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Check out the new Deflate 4 system I just released this evening.  This type of system can normally cost about $60 (if bought from a lottery system vendor).

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Todd thanks also. will try it on for size

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