Crunch frustration

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I went back to CRUNCH site again.. and still having problems.


I list the previous numbers...  6 -8 of them..

I selected the group of sums... etc...  and then it would either give me suggestions of 0... or it would list the numbers from the previous draws.. I have no clue to why this will not work for me..




thanks TNTea



Don't be frustrated. There is no reason to be....

The CRUNCH is NOT a system it is a tool. It is not predicting numbers on it's own it is reducing the numbers entered to a smaller amount of numbers by using filters for that reduction.


In the CRUNCH 1, the currently available version you can use the filters SUMS, KEYNUMBERS, ROTTS, HIGH/LOW and EVEN/ODD filters to selecgt parts from your input data. In the next generation CRUNCH 2 there will be around 100 filters available to reduct the numbers.


Back to the use: The CRUNCH requires input. Input can come from many sources:

  • from previous draws (quite a few of them!)
  • from prediction systems, such as Wild Wheel 3, Mastermind 3 or Candy Numbers 3,
  • or even from Lottery Post posts with predictions from other predictors, etc.

Here a list of recent posts that will show you, how people are using the tool. They contain working examples as well:

  • reikihealer -Crunch/Wild Wheel
  • Lucky - Crunch Commands
  • oilbath - Crunch questions
  • Crunch 167 singles method
  • win D - Crunch No-Hit list
  • Hit number chart
  • winsumloosesum - 333 Draw Doubles method

These posts should help to get a feel for the tool and what it is able to do.

Two other thoughts:

  • PM the posters for further input. They are using the tool
  • post here a sample Output that the CRUNCH gave you (grab the area with the mouse, Control-C copies the contents, and Control-P pastes it into a message.) and we can give you the improvements right away.

Good Luck!

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Yes MikeK a collection of Crunch examples will help people a lot and me too. Thank you much.

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Lantern here is one the wayes i am useing Crunch 2 to pick numbers in missouri.

Date/Time: Sun Aug 8 15:40:21 CDT 2004

<AddList:NumberClasses:All Numbers> S, B
<AddList:KeyNumbers> 3, 5, 9, 2
<SelectFilter:Roots> 2, 8, 5, 6, 7, 4
<SelectFilter:VtracsRoots> 9, 1, 8, 6, 7, 2
<SelectFilter:VtracsFrontDigits> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
<SelectFilter:VtracsCenterDigits> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
<SelectFilter:VtracsEndDigits> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
<SelectFilter:VtracsSums> 09, 10, 06
<SelectFilter:Pairs> 51, 12
<SelectFilter:FrontPairSums> 06, 11, 12
<SelectFilter:EndPairSums> 09, 10, 08, 03

Priority: 2
BoxedNumbers: 124
421(532), 421(532)
BoxedNumbers: 125
512(123), 512(123)
Priority: 4
BoxedNumbers: 157
517(123), 517(123), 571(132), 571(132)
No. of Results  : 8
No. of Selections: 3
No. of Priorities: 2

All rights reserved.

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When I put in the data it suggests 0 numbers.. or the numbers that I put in..

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Hello tntea.The Crunch is the second half of the system.One way would be to go to your state prediction page and pick out 6 of your favorite predicters predictions.Take those 60 predictions and put them into the input field of the crunch.Now you are ready to apply your filters and see what you get.Good luck....ram


Thanks everyone for your input.


As I mentioned earlier: Could you just copy the example output into the post here? That would be the easiest way to get help, becaise I could see the selections used.

Good Luck!

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