Sedertree Matrix Wheeling System


Hello Friends,

I dug up the sourcecode for my old 60/40 system and was wondering if anyone would be interested if I re-released it as shareware.  I could add a donation link on it somewhere on the off chance that someone who finds it useful could...... Well you know the rest, but it won't be mandatory.


I would George if you decide too.


Sounds good to me as well if you decide to.



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Any release of info from you

would be received gratefully.

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What about some pairs software?

I would like to get-buy some good pairs software.

And yes to the Sedertree Matrix Wheeling System.

But I am also very interested in some good pairs software.

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I've heard positive things about your 60/40 system. But I got into this too late to ever actually see it. I thought it was gone for good. I would be interrested in trying it. My understanding is that it can be used for wheeling in the Pick 3 ?



Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement, it's a go then.

I have begun work on the project; cleaning it up, updating some of the screens etc. etc.  Before I release it you'll have to know that this originally was a work for hire.  In essence I'm looking at code that I didn't write.  So there are somethings that I don't know how to fix/improve upon.  Just can't get my head around it.

I can write VB, but I'm still just a novice and it is difficult to sort out someone else's logic.  Even for a professional developer.  So with that being said;  I've decided to make it freeware.  I will upload what I have and make the sourcecode available.  All that I ask is that if another developer works on the program, they make the code available.  I'll set up the "About" form so that developers can add their name(s) to receive credit for their contributions to the project.  I'll also keep a development journal on my website to document our progress.

As it stands... The program now does the Pick-4 as well.  However, the permutation file (combo4a.txt) is corrupt/innacurate.  So I wouldn't rely too heavily on the four digit picks that it generates.  The position/digit chart is not working as well as the drawfile editor.  But these are trivial to the function of the program as a whole.  It just needs some polishing.

I should have it ready to download by next week.

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Free pencil and paper system, no sourcecode involved:

Look at the first digit and take the first two repeating numbers in that position...they are your first digits to use.

Do the same thing with the 2nd and 3rd digits.

Example for MI, tonight, draws are listed in most recent occurrence and midday and evening are combined.  Red digits are the first two digits to repeat in the same position.











Pos. 1.............Pos. 2.............Pos. 3



The eight possible combinations are


If there is a straight repeat, you can save a buck and not play it.







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thanks rick g

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Rick G. Thanks so very much,

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MI eve picks for 8/1:


Result:  975

And Em and Berley, you're welcome.

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Cool system works for me i see where it has produced a couple hits. Just looking at md's last 10. Wtg i might try this with the 4 dig and see where it goes..........


Regardless of Ricks misgivings.  I will still upload a free working version for anyone interested.


Wow, I have your 60/40 system tucked away in a pick3 folder and haven't looked at for a long time. I see that the download date was 03/11/02.

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and u know 597 came out in Ohio right ? amazing system Ricky boy

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