Is It Possible (please help)


There has been no double digits in Florida for almost 3 weeks!

I'm wondering how I can determine WHEN to start playing double digits.

Should I stay away from double digits because they are ICE COLD, or, should I start playing double digits because they are OVER DUE?

How does one determine the difference between the two theories??? Where does one theory end, and the other begin???????

To be, or not to be... that is the question.

Peter C. -

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I would, in your place, play only singles and when the doubles come, play either only doubles for a while or singles and doubles both.

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I have been watching Fla, too.  they have had only 1 double number this month..I am just watching..and waiting to see what will happen in August..I expect for them to get a lot of doubles together..

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I agree with you LittleOldLady no doubles since July 3rd's "828" I expect a lot of them too.....Jani


Ok well... 414 last night. Past histroy shows that doubles usually follow doubles so stick with the dubs again tonight. If anyone needs any statistics in the Florida Cash-3, you can email me anytime. I have it all !

Peter C.

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