Lucky Charms?

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I found this...I think it is r

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No, I don't believe in a lucky coin, but I do carry my rabbit's foot.  However, certain things work for some people -- whatever turns you on!

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Talismen can be used as "charms for luck" you can make your own Talismen or basic Lucky Charm instead of paying $30 for an Angel coin.You could actually make your own Angel coin there are "REAL" lucky charms that you can purchase from any New Age or Occult Shop.

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i dont beleive in using s


Actually your wrong it has nothing to do with whether your meant to or not we can create our own luck or circumstances that will bring us to what we REALLY want.

Whether it's winning money,finding a soulmate,getting a promotion at work or getting a new job.I've used various forms of luck based systems in the past to play lottery games and did okay but did much better using my own number strategies.But on the other hand I've met players that used "LUCK" based systems and did very well playing lottery games.So in my opinion anything can work especially if you TRULY believe that it will.If you think NEGATIVE than negative results will follow if you think POSITIVE than positive results will follow.


I was doing a search for Lucky Charms and winning the lottery and found

I have visited other web sites selling lucky coins, stones, etc.

The creator of the LotteryCharms has a Time Line of wins with one big win over $775,000.00 with the stuff they are selling.

I have heard of the saying - "Squirreling away some money" and this guy is doing it.

If you believe in positive thinking and the power of the SQUIRREL check it out. LOL

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