State lotteries watching

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They are out to get us.

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This is America---we have rights----thats what made this country free! What people forget is that Money may control some things, but not everything. Money didnt make this country free----the people did! Keep up the good work Todd! The lotteries knows that the PEOPLE rule in this country! It does amaze me how ridiculous ppl get over money. Hey, every American deserves a fair chance to win the lottery. Lotteries should be available to the poor just like the rich. The odds stated should be correct---are they? Oh well, enough blabbering by me---Go American people----you rule! There is power numbers; just ask our forefathers when you get to heaven! 

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Well.. the state lotteries

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Mana:  Government people mainly use AOL accounts so they can hide who/where they are.  Most AOL traffic goes through a cluster of proxy servers in Virginia, so you can't tell what network the request orginiated from by looking at log files.

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