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I'm wondering if anyone here uses Microsoft Access as a programming tool. Or, perhaps someone could suggest a good way to store and manipulate the lotto data. I'm doing a lot of Pick-3 work.


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Cautiously, I will help you to help yourself as long as it relates to Lotto, doesn't compromise my core system details and is not available on the excellent Access Newsgroups.

What would you like to know? - by that I mean you've put some effort into doing something and your stuck.

(Your starting point as far as I'm concerned and I know others on this Forum including our not much missed Goose do it is to convert to Boolean. So 6/49 Lotto you need 49 Byte or Tiny Integer fields.)



Kp2o3, I store my pick 3 data in an xml format. I typically load all the data into memory and manipulate it from there. I personally don't like access as it is bloated.

I suppose if you do a lot of date manipulation and complex sql queries access would be the way to go. But with my data in memory I can do pretty much anything with it.

Right now, I have built a platform using that allows me to create different plugins to manipulate the data any way that I can conceive.

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I prefer to use excel as a tool to work with because you have instant visual feedback on backtesting and complex formula manipulation where you need to see each portion of a process broken down.

Also, using excel allows easy importing into MSAccess for those things that just can't be done without some SQL power above and beyond the limited query abilities of excel. MSAccess also exports quite cleanly to excel.

I would strongly suggest using Excel as your primary storage and manipulation tool, and save the bigger guns of MSAccess only when there is no reasonable excel option.

If you do go right into MS Access, make sure you have a firm grasp on the basics of RDBMS design (primary keys, dependencies, data types) because one little error in the setup phase can go unnoticed for quite some time, rendering practically useless data... the same data that a quick eye and/or conditional formatting would have made obvious in excel right away.

for example, a simple =countif() function in excel will show you the most popular number in a column (or array), but if you want the top 5... nothing beats the Access 'SELECT FROM' query with the 'TOP 5' modifier set.

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