The source, the hit, & the money


The Source

Just set a to many numbers make it to that top green strip on the charts....if something get close or touches it, it a good trapping situation for a straight. Sum 9-19 was most overdue in GA.

When I place a number on the front of my Hot Sheet it is as good as GOLD. It's not only on the FRONT it;s in the Georgia's Lucky Peach.That was another source.

Then I check the Cash3ology TTT that was on the front of the sheet that I made from the 413 that fell on Georgia Eve on the 30th of May. I have been preaching for years that some numbers leave a trail behind them. That was another source.

The Hit !!

The money !!


Are these sheets also made for N.H thanks.jeff

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Impressive display Casho

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All that green cash makes the hunt worthwhile.

Quote:Originally posted by mach1 on June 03, 2004

Are these sheets also made for N.H thanks.jeff

Hot Sheet are made for all states.


Thanks for all replies.

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How much did you win......



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WTG Casho!!


Drinks on the house!


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This is a picture I took tonight in front of Red's house in Stone Mountain. Who says you can't make money playing this game? LOL This is where all the numbers come from "The Fortress of Numbers".  



WinD you crack me up


Oh Red.,,,,,,,just wanted to let you know I got your sorry forgot everything....will mail back........thanks for the reminder..Congrats on your hit today!!!


Win D - That is a beautiful pi

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Hi winD ..this picture is quite really open up my right brain......think I am open now to win some money...thanks!

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 Seeker ..... it is Mystic. If you stare at the Moon it will become two Moons!

 If you call out the 10 numbers slowly ......the 2 moons will come together on the numbers that will come the next day. Call them out slowly. Very slowly  (If you think dirty thoughts it won't work.)


  *I got 8 2 1 for Ga. Midday tomorrow 2 number comeback sum one.


 * Patent pending. For entertainment only.Void where prohibited.    

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That was exactly what I was thinking. That digit 8 have to lead sooner or later. Also, sum 1 and 8 is due for the mid.  Five high sums in a row along with five high roots in a row, I think I will roll with the low sum an low root.

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