To all disbelievers of the Sum of two

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Starting 4/17 the sum of two(2+1+8=11=2)

 has been spotted.I believe many more

states will show the two sum.I know

its no big deal ,but if it does not happen

before the 24th,then I have a proposal

for you.Get ready for the last two days

of the month into the first three days of Maythe Sum of TWO. 

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Thank you, Blackapple.  I will be on the look-out.


i will also be on the look-out for michigan

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I am pleased to have you ladies take note

of this . Sandy & Destiny. 


HI blackapple, the sum 2 came in PA on Apr 19  875=20=2  Thank You BarbaraAnn

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Thanks BarbaraAnn66,And another

for the nite 974=20=2

Shamefully did not look out for PA. digits

busy alerting other else where.

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By now there should have been evidence

of this phenomena.If your state has not

had it tell me.


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Mass. has not had it.

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Missouri on 5/4 had 740 or 7+4+0=11 or a root of 2

              on5/5 had 407  or 4+0+7=11 or a root of 2


Your system stymies me. Has anyone seen it in NY P3? That would make me take a new interest.

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  1. Millennium,One is happening now

  2. May 11=2

  3. Three days before and 3 days after 

  4. May 11,2004

  5. Day number May 9, was 839=20=2 

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Thanks for the upda

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Millennium,ARE YOU OUT There

New York 785 5/11 nite  785=20=2

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NBEY6,  S.C. had 515=11=2  on 8th May nite

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Ohio 911=11=2   midday 5/14

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