Stop selling here, will U!

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I have been a member here for a spell. Am a member that likes to watch from backstage. I've seen this site, excel to so many heights. But there is something that troubles me that I find the need to voice. 

Why is it that person's come, to this family oriented site to sell there formula, systems etc. etc.  What and who do YOU think we are; a pack of gunea Pigs who are so gulliable enough to feed into everything that you send our way.  Why don't you sell your stuff on your own website and if we are interested we can come there to purchase it. Just suppose; Todd woke up one morning and decided that hey let me make some money!  Do you know how tragic that would be for some of us! 

You people that always want to make a dollar off of someone need to try to give someone something for free and then you might just receive more than your little pockets can hold.

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if you believe this so strongly - please tell who you have in mind.

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Who are you talking about?

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This was posted to day "Pick-3 for Dummies List No 13, by mjwinsmith at 9:45am"

..............If you are not on my Q5g, or Q25g pick-3/4 list and would like to join then do drop me
an E-mail message to be included. This is a subscribed list and it will cost you
money to play
, but well worth it considering that you could possibly win $5000.00 or
$25,000 in the pick 3/4 games respectfully playing our numbers. .......................

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BahamaQueen, this is none of my business but I am going to put in my 2 cents worth.

MjWinsmith is a very good predictor.  I, for one, welcome his posts for the 3 digit lottery.  He did post his predictions "free"  here.  Now as far as the other thing you have copied about the Q5g, etc., he is not forcing you to email him.  A person has a choice and he did display the results of his Pick3 analysis. 

I enjoy his posts as his "free" numbers are very good. 

Hey, Cashologist posts a number and makes references to his "inner circle" all the time.

Mike K, posts his numbers for his Wild Wheel all the time so that we will buy his system.

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  Todd has the final say as to who post here. Casho,Mike.and Winsmith all have a site which you pay for, but the infomation they post here is free. So what is your problem?  I have found all three to be very helpful. I don`t know why you choose Winsmith to single out , but those of us who have been here a long time respect him as a predictor and like the pick 3 for dummies which ie FREE.  Have a nice Day !


bahamaqueen give me a number first if i win then i will buy. waiting for your reply.

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