Illinois Mid & Eve pyramid 03/01 to 03/07

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Illinois Mid & Eve pyramid 13 good 03/01 thru 03/07/2004

Midday Pyramid 13


Evening Pyramid 13



Thank you Lucky..

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You are Welcome agnes...


Thank you Lucky, nice to have you back.

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bump it to the top

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    Thanks Lucky!! Gettin old/blind!!!

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It's so unfortunate that information as valuable as this had to be found on page 5 this may have brought me some greens last night

WTG Lucky 014 came as 140 last night in Ill.


Watching U from backstage!

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Hi bahamaqueen - I'm sorry about that, but there is nothing I can do about it - The only thing I can tell you is to type in "bump" and this will push this thread to the top - I've had numerous private messages asking me to keep threads at the top of the page...

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you are right on tract

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Thank You mableboy...

Try doing a daily search on the members you follow, that way you won't be hitting your head against the wall...

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Bump to the top!

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