Looking For A System


Can anybody recomend a good system for predicting lottery numbers for the daily play in the uk

Daily play numbery are 1 to 27 you pick 7 numbers and need 4 numbers or more to win.


Noone can recommeneded a working system to you.But if you just want a system,ask pick-4 master.He may help you



I do have a system for that particular lottery, The System is called "Wheeliam 27/7". I will get you the link shortly, I have to look up the link and system information.

Good Luck!



You need to explain better than that, first of all, there is no bonus ball, right?

Second, everyone of the 7 positions or rows can have numbers from 1 to 27 such as on a regular lotto game, right?

So then, it is like a pick7 with no bonus ball and they use numbers 1 to 25

It is harder than a pick6, but easier, because they use only 27 balls.

The winning system for that, will be basicaly the same as for any pick5 to pic7 lotto game with no bonus ball.

As somebody who knows how to win any pick5 to pick7 lotto game, and adapt the technique to your game, the only difference will be that your game is a pick7 and uses only 27 balls.



which kind of lottery is more harder to play to win?If the total number is 52,one is 5/52+1/52 and the other  is 7/52

does the jackpot difference shows the difficult level of that?



That is a very good question Goose.

To a bright and understanding mind, they are about the same.

But, to most people, in practice, the one with the powerball might be harder.


By the way I did not by any means meant to say that i am the one who has a bright and understanding mind, but to whoever does have, they both would be about the same.

To me, they both are very very hard as of right now, in the future, who knows?


I know how to win :)

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goose wrote: I know how to win :)


so far you haven't got more that two numbers in on line of predicted numbers


Finally we come to the point.I want to prove it but I dont know whats the most secure way.I am still thinking about it.Winner is easy to make you know~

Pm me if you have a good idear~~


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