SC Midday Collaspe!


As felt....the SC Midday LOP's did collaspe! went to 6 from 8.  These were the combos to watch as posted yesterday:

"If the collaspe goes from 8 to 6 LOPs there will be NO REPEAT of either the 8, 0, or 2 and the following are combinations to watch for:  365, 364, 367, 369, 361, 654, 657, 659, 651, 547, 549, 541, 479, 471, 491, 791"

Exact Order was 356.....must admit my favorite was 350 though <G>


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I had 235. I'm lost with the LOPS & collaspe? Could you please explain?

Thanks & Good Luck


I track the 10 digits in several different ways.  One of those ways is by what I call LOP's....or Levels of Play.  (Some might call this "Days Out") Since there are 10 digits (0-9) they become scattered over "x" number of LOP's during their course of play. 

The minimum number of LOP's will be 4 and the max "could be" 9.  Can guarantee you if there are "9" LOP's there has to have been an unusual  number of Doubles and/or Triples game to have happened in ordered for all 10 digits to become scattered over nine different levels <G>

The "average" number of LOP's that 10 digits become scattered over is 6.  As the digits play these LOP's generally slide back and forth between 5 & 7 with an occasional 4 LOP or 8 LOP.  Eight LOP's is a lot more unusual then 4.

If you track the "Number of LOP's" from game to game you will see how they average 6.  When there is a change like there was after todays game from 8 to 6, then three digits that were on levels ALONE had to have played in order for the number of LOP's to go from (COLLASPE) 8 to 6.

Prior to todays game the Levels of Play were as follows:

Level 1 = 802

Level 2 = 3

Level 3 = 6

Level 4 = 5                 

Level 5 = 4

Level 6 = 7

Level 7 = 9

Level 13 = 1

If you count the number of Levels above going from 1 to 13 you will see there are 8 different Levels regardless of the actual Level # given.

After todays game of 356 the Levels are as follows:

Level 1 = 356

Level 2 = 802

Level 6 = 4

Level 7 = 7

Level 8 = 9

Level 14 = 1

For there to be another COLLASPE then pairs 47, 49, 41, 79. 71, or 79 have to play to reduce (COLLASPE) the number of Levels (6) to 5.  They could play together and DOUBLE or else they play with 1 digit from either Level 1 or Level 2.

For the LOP's to EXPAND to 7 LOP's, then digits 4-7-9-1 would be Eliminated from play and all 3 digits would have to come from within the past two games 356 & 802.

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Thanks for the information.  How often are you successful with this method?  You were pretty accurate with the data listed above.  That is GREAT predicting on your part.  I definitely appreciate the post.  Keep the posts coming!!! :-)


Thanks and your welcome Winner2be.  I find tracking the LOP's to be very useful in my computations.  Unfortunately a situation like today's SC Midday doesnt come along all that often to take advantage of though :(  I play in Texas, however, I track SC for an online friend and alert them when I see something happening.

In review of my SC Database for Midday, out of the last 118 games there have been only 6 instances where the LOP's went to 8 so you can see how "rare" this situation is.  When 8 levels happen it is so obvious what could play that it practically takes the guess work out of things.

Besides the LOP tracking I track how many digits play between 1-4 games and 5+ out.  My charts were indicating that all 3 digits would come within the last four games and left only digits 802, 3, 6, & 5 to consider <G>  Either the 36 or the 35 had to play with either the 8, 0 or 2....or else one of the pairs played and would double ....or....3-6-5 played together which is what happened.....356.

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Thanks Clipper,


Your Welcome John.....hope you can use the info to further expand your tracking <G>

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Your info has helped a great deal to expand my knowledge of finding digits for the next draw. I tracked digits for years and years and never could get a good handle on the individual digits,
Only in the last couple months has it started to pull together for me. I have started using my software now to track digits by box pos  1 2 3  and that has been of help. I will study your concept in more detail now to help pull it together for me. I have been reading your post with interest on your system that you have been posting. I seem to get the winners on a list but I have been looking for something to narrow it down for the next draw.
Your postings have been much appreciated.
I have just started playing the four game again and i will use this for the four as well.


Your welcome, John.  Glad to hear that I've been able to shed some light on things for you and others.  I've been tracking the Pick 3 here in Texas since the inception in 1993.  I've always tracked by positions among other things.

When I started tracking I didnt have software so all my computations were done with visual charts, pen and paper.  I think this has been to my advantage rather then starting out with software from the beginning.  It allowed me the time to really analyze all 1000 EXACT combinations and "see" how they rotated.

It was from keeping these charts that I noticed things that developed into the LOP tracking and I also was able to see for myself how most digits will replay before they get 5 games out from last time played.

The whole concept developed into "Elimination for Determination".



i'm from texas and i moved here from GA. i've been trying to come up with a way to track # here in TX., but not to sucessfully. please give me some advice!!!!


Wheels = If you played Pick 3 in Georgia, then I would continue doing what you did there.  The digits are the same no matter where you play <G>  Only difference in Texas is where they might say STRAIGHT in Georgia we say EXACT.  Or.....BOXED is COMBO in Texas.  Other then that there shouldnt be any difference.

What I do tell people who track Pick 3 is the first thing they need to have is a thorough understanding of the 1000 EXACT combinations and you MUST keep record in order to tell what has played last, most recent, etc.  Without this information and understanding you will be "stabbing in the dark" and forever chasing numbers without success.

After years of watching the numbers, I've observed that when a combination plays that 1 or all the digits will replay before they reach five days out from last time they played.  There will be instances where digits dont do this and will go 10, 15...and even 30 days before playing however this is rare.

After thorough analysis of the 1000 EXACTs I was able to divide the combinations up into 8 different groups that I call ALPHA Patterns.  EEE/OOO/EEO/OOE/EOE/OEO/OEE/EOO with the E representing Even and the O for Odd.  Each of the 8 Alpha Groups has 125 EXACT combinations.

In the groups where there is a 2/1 split (2E/1O or 2O/1E) 25 of the 125 combinations will be for DOUBLES.  In the "PURE" groups (EEE/OOOO there are 5 Triples and the balance of 120 is split 60/60 between 3 "different" digit combinations and Doubles.

There are actually 120 three "different" digit combinations that I call "base" groups and each group can be written 6 different ways. Example:  235, 253, 325, 352, 523, 532    6 x 120 = 720 EXACTS

There are 90 2 "different" digit combinations where 1 of the digits is twice (doubled).  Each of these groups can be written 3 different ways.    Example: 255, 525, 552      3 x 90 = 270 EXACTS

When you add 720 + 270 you get 990.  Then when you add in the 10 Triples you get  your 1000 EXACT totals.  As you can see from the above there are nearly 3 times as many EXACT combinations that have 3 "different" digits then there are Doubles.  Therefore, they will play with more frequency then a Doubles combination.  This is part of having a thorough understanding of the 1000 EXACTS possible.

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