Texas 1/7

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I finally have my pc up and running again.  Did have some of my files saved, just had to do a lot of updating.

  • Midday

  • Root Sums most due 0-1-2-3

  • Numbers most due in any position 7-4-9-6

  • Combination in any position  due OOE and EEE

  • My Picks

  • 527-756-781-770-079-710-879-761-774-877-547-972-783-736-734-772

  • Hot Picks

  • 857-705-479-769-721-767-370-237-147-994-640-433-462-848-345-444-408-145-424

  • ************

  • Evening

  • Root Sums most due 9-8-7-5

  • Numbers most due in any position 9-7-0-3

  • Combination in any position due EEO and OOO

  • My Picks

  • 698-190-849-449-696-209-490-292-939-759-995-779-559-391

  • Hot Picks

  • 069-089-988-928-924-090-694-629-591-393-793-791-997-953-199-999-726-207-766-775-537-070-771-780-647-782-487-171-777

  • *************

  • Midday/Evening Combined Data

  • Root Sums most due 1-0-9-2

  • Numbers most due in any position 9-7-3-6

  • Combination most due in any position EEO and OOO

  • My Picks

  • 698-190-449-696-209-490-292-939-759-995-779-559-391-069-089-988-924-629-591-393-791-997-953-779-559-199-391-999

  • Hot Picks

  • 191-849-928-090-674-696-209-793-759-939-704-207-766-768-137-793-487-777-272-171
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Can someone explain root sums to a newbie? Thanks.

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Thanks Fairy, glad you pc is back on line. Start watching for the triple especially 333, I watch relative numbers and the signs are lining far we have had two relative numbers 396 and 851 and a straight 132, a triple is on the horizon(if one doesn't fall in the pre-test) As you know I am not a predictor, so I can not predict when or what draw. I will start playing them today both draws for $1 for a week or so , another indictor is the double 33 is almost overdue for both draws so I am leaning toward the triple 333. If you have any additional news.Please let me know....................Joy

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