Lottery Dartboard!

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Another IDEA like playing cards 1-49 etc.(Pick 6 or 5


couple of months ago i read an article about a dart-board being used to pick lottery numbers and i seem to recall that they won a substantial prize


i believe it was in UK

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hmmm, I have an arachnid soft-

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Just curious....does anyone know of a lotto jackpot being won off of fortune cookie numbers? I was going to pick up some fortune cookies in the grocery store the other day to check out the numbers, but the didn't have any. Guess I'll have to go to a Chinese retaurant.

I play Mega Millions, which has 52 numbers. I like the idea of using a deck of cards to pull numbers out for that.


Yes there have been winners from using numbers found inside Fortune Cookies.But just like any "Luck" method like quick-picks,using Birthdays-ages-anniversaries or using a lottery number shaker pen it won't work for everyone.I've tried using all methods I just mentioned in the past with no results so now I just select my own numbers.

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