Mega Millions was hit tonight!

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More details shortly!

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Somebody is going to have a GREAT New Year!!!

I hope it was somebody at the Post!

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Hopefully a board member took it all. Todd gets the news awful early.

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How do you do it Todd?

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One winner from Ohio.

(Details of other prize levels at

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I didn't do so hot on my picks this week. A couple white balls is all. I am kinda glad it was finally won.

One lucky player or group in Maryland won $175,000 great way to start the new year.

Thanks Todd for your timely display of the findings. There is no other place on the net with as fast a responce to the games.

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Quote:Originally posted by Todd on December 31, 2003

One winner from Ohio.

(Details of other prize levels at

It's about time, too bad it wasn't me.  I may give PowerBall a try.


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Yeah I long as the winner wasn't from New York thats ok....haha...sorry New Yorkers.....but look at this ticket that I had.  One of my tickets had these numbers on it:  11-18-22-33-45  MB 49.  I tell ya



Once again I am in the po


Once again MM has proven which multistate game reigns supreme.

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The winning ticket was sold in South Euclid, Ohio.

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About 20 minutes from where I live,,,, I'm happy it was ohio, but I dont know anyone that lives in south euclid.....Oh well 25 million for friday is not a bad start 

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my bad, I mistook the NY lottery number for megamillion



If you come to NY State, don't bother with Lotto 6/59.

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When was the last time we got a spillover from a won jackpot?

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According to my ss, every JP after a big win was 10 mil.

So, we've never had a spillover as far as I know.

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All of the big jackpots create a spillover effect but they only show up after a couple of draws. Allow me to explain.

Normally the jackpot starts at $10 million. This is always a subsidized amount. Ticket sales only support a jackpot of around $3 to $4 million. After a big jackpot, sales support a jackpot of around $6 to $7 million but the jackpot is still offered at a subsidized value of $10 million.

Where the spillover effect comes in play is where the jackpot is no longer subsidized. This has occured a number of times with the Powerball jackpot. Normally the Powerball jackpot rolls from $10 million to $12 million. The following are dates when it was set to a larger amount because of larger sales following a larger than normal jackpot that was won.

Sept 6, 2003  $13.7 after a $135 jackpot
July 16, 2003  $13.5 after a $261.5 jackpot
Feb 8, 2003    $13.4 after a $101.8 jackpot
Jan 1, 2003    $14.5 after a $314.9 record jackpot (this was also the rollover record)

So far Mega Millions has only produced a $12 million jackpot for the first rollover. As predicted in an earlier post, I predict the jackpot for the Jan 6, 2004 draw will be a record $13 or $14 jackpot if tonights jackpot is not won.

Good luck,

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