Illinois/Florida 12/22


856  912  612  516  418  038  896  502  783  429

203  016  501  040  020  878  909  339  554  447


Good  Luck!!

supermario's avatar - stern

Wiz You are on the ball... 592 Il late night.  Missed it; only played in Mia at 8pm. 

Much thanks any way...


Supermario, I appreciate your confidence in me but I didn't post  592 yesterday, so I really can't take the kudos. Look for a repeat of 927 or 925 or 555  in Fl or IL tonight.

Good Luck!!

supermario's avatar - stern

The 927 was in one of your post listings 2 days ago...



I hope you caught the 297 IL midday. That number never fails to repeat.


Wiz how are you? I did not follow your advice and played back the 927. Boy were you right! What is your fav. for to nite.

supermario's avatar - stern

Sure did... Thanks

Little on it but I'm grateful anyway...

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