MM Drawing for Friday 12-19-03

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"Here are my chosen number's I will wheel for Friday's draw"

06-08-12-13-14-15-18-20-21-22-23-26-30-32-33-34-36-40-42-44-45 and 46

Possible MB number's are = 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 25, 28, 30, 31 and35

Let's hope that the five number's that "hit" are in my chosen number's.

-Good luck to all of you-

May the Great Spirit Bless us all with lot's of



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Office Pool:::quick pic's,,,,,contractual agreement attached to tickets

  1. 03-04-28-35-45

  2. 06-18-27-39-49

  3. 07-19-42-44-51

  4. 07-10-34-36-45

  5. 16-24-28-41-43

  6. 13-18-21-33-41

  7. 10-30-31-32-46

  8. 11-15-18-47-51

  9. 16-30-32-38-49

  10. 23-25-30-43-47

MB: 8,13,15,28,30,39,40,42,51,52

Good Luck!



MB: 13-19-26-42

Good luck players! :)


Oh my! I totally missed this place since my computer crashed on me! Im eager to play with you all this Friday and to post my numbers too. So, hopefully, Ill get some picked very soon and well come up with some cash instead of an empty pocket.


consecutive sets not hit yet {166 games}







Look for a run of consecutive sets hitting over the next 10 games.

#s from open sets that haven't hit yet. One # of set hit & we're waiting on this 2nd # to hit:


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My picks, using Smart Chart.  Used past six months draws.  MM number selected seperate.

I picked numbers along the trend line.  I just got this program, so I'm not experienced using it........

just hoping for the best,  and Good Luck to all of you.


4  6  32  33  36  +12

9 15 16  18  23  +3

5 14 15  18  25  +3

7  19 23  37  44 +43



 Chief and all:  It's no wonder I could not hit your buffalo in my bath tub the last time.  FOr some strange reason I picked up the wrong chart.  Looking at the MB drawn this last time on my chart and with my 12 to 13 skip chart 47 would have been choosen.  Let me explain.. MP 52 was drawn 7 draws ago and 9 draws ago.  If you would  count        down squares on a point and figure chart you will see that it is 8 spaces to the last drawn and 5 spaces back to land on 47.  8 plus 5 gives you the correct skip ratio of either 12 or 13 as I said in my previous posts explaining what seemed to be working in selecting the MB.  Sorry I screwed up and had the wrong charts but I was very tired at the time I was doing it but if I had used the correct chart it would have worked again.  Try it and see what you think!!!!!!!!  I should point out you would have to have used the 52 that was drawn 9 draws ago.

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Welcome home... We missed you very much. Good luck tonight.


Thanks for the information. I will check it out. Good luck to you also.


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Rebekah & Im Trying:

Good luck to the two of you also and of course my Ol' friend fja. I hope he moved my number's up or down one or two positions, then we might win some money this time. (wink)


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read,em and weep:

  1. 01-06-19-26-41

  2. 01-18-19-40-41

  3. 02-10-32-40-51

  4. 02-16-20-37-43

  5. 03-22-29-32-44

  6. 03-20-27-49-52

  7. 04-16-23-37-46

  8. 04-05-22-28-41

  9. 05-06-26-27-51

  10. 06-07-28-32-44

  11. 06-20-27-42-48

  12. 06-18-27-29-39

  13. 07-28-29-48-49

  14. 07-22-27-32-44

  15. 07-27-32-34-41

  16. 07-08-26-38-51

  17. 08-13-22-32-44

  18. 10-28-32-48-51

  19. 12-33-35-45-50

  20. 14-30-31-33-52


good luck to all!  refuse to lose


18-21-33-40-42 +45      18-21-26-33-36 +16

08-22-26-38-43 + 05      18-22-26-33-44 +45

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Chief:  ran out of time, so I didn't mess with your numbers, (i didnt have the guts to drop mine) but your luck is still running....hope you hit the bullseye tonight, cause if it aint me, it would be nice for one of the LP players to win.

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Kristin: good to see you back!

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Looks like RJOH is keeping them close to the chest!!! Lets see them RJ.

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Thanks for the kind words... RJOH, where are you?


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"Here they are"

08-20-22-23-40-15    08-23-34-36-40-25    06-23-30-42-46-35

06-18-22-23-44-14    13-18-23-30-46-17    18-21-22-23-45-30

18-21-23-40-45-14    08-18-21-23-45-10    15-2023-30-44-31

20-23-26-36-45-30    15-23-32-44-46-31    18-21-22-23-45-30

08-18-23-3045-17    18-23-41-42-45-15    06-22-23-34-45-30

06-08-23-26-40-17    12-15-23-32-45-31    18-23-30-34-44-15

06-18-22-23-36-35    12-14-23-30-46-15

"Good luck to all"


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I'm a little late, I couldn't make up my mind which parameters to use in my RNG.  I had the same problem Wednesday picking PB numbers, so I didn't play and now that it's snowing, I probably won't play tomorrow either. These are my MM picks for tonight.

FILE : MM1219
      08 20 29 43 49  +05 
      06 14 19 42 52  +22 
      13 24 28 41 51  +08 
      04 15 21 26 46  +06 
      05 10 18 33 34  +15 
      03 16 30 40 44  +34 
      09 22 31 37 48  +13 
      01 10 30 32 47  +18 
      02 09 15 24 43  +33 
      02 18 19 41 49  +03 
      08 14 26 31 34  +07 
      04 28 29 33 47  +10 
      01 05 13 40 42  +21 
      20 21 37 44 52  +29 
      03 06 32 46 48  +35 

Good luck everyone.

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You know we should start our own little on line game with higher know , match 2 for $10, match 3 for $100, match 4 for $1000.. then will just keep score till the end of the year....20 ticket maximum...paper money...a litlle on line lottery poker!

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That sounds like a lot of fun... I'm game if you want to set it up.


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RJ:  1st set of numbers is an office pool, my cost on that was $ the time to makeup a small worded contract....(they're all quick picks),,,second set is my top 15 plus due to my impatience 5 sets of numbers with, due to hit, 3 even 2 odd and vice versa, plus some overdue MB's, and sequentials that I like.....what can I say, luckily I mostly stick to one game and its slow enough at work that I have time to really look at the numbers,,,,, I'll give that lottery poker game some thought.  The losing twice part I don't buy,,,,I don't have a 5/6 on a 6/49 game story to toss around or tell the grandkids,,,YET!  good luck!


I should have picked more numbers from my wheel, but I only had $4 to play with tonight. But, that's not too bad! I'll have to cash my Christmas Gift " CHECK" I got from my Aunt yesterday.  And if I don't win tonight, I'll be playing $20 worth if no one else won either. 

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It only takes (1) right number to be a winner. Maybe you'll have it tonight. Wouldn't that be nice?






That would be a very Mary Christmas to me and my family as well.  With all of that money, I'd be sure to give others a very mary christmas this year also!
Who know's, maybe I hit some Cash tonight. We'll see very soon.


I wasn't even close, but I am going to play the same numbers again and pick new ones. Back to the drawing board!

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chief    where are you getting the brown cat?I like it

now you and ants both have it??????


tell me so I can add it to my collection  thanks


I beleive 25 is the only White ball now, that has not moved upwards yet like the other ones have. 35 took a while getting up there again. Perhaps in the next few draws we should see 25.

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right click your mouse copy and paste it to an email or file

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-Nothing for me-

I told you to go up or down one or two positions with my number's... (wink)

Looks like I was a hair off this time too.



Quote:Originally posted by lottograndma on December 19, 2003

..........Let me explain.. MP 52 was drawn 7 draws ago and 9 draws ago.  If you would  count        down squares on a point and figure chart you will see that it is 8 spaces to the last drawn and 5 spaces back to land on 47.  8 plus 5 gives you the correct skip ratio of either 12 or 13 as I said in my previous posts explaining what seemed to be working in selecting the MB........... I should point out you would have to have used the 52 that was drawn 9 draws ago.

lottograndma, are you saying that a MB from 12-13 games ago will hit consistently? does your skip ratio change? if so how? I guess I'm asking if you will explain your system for me. Thanks. :)


I had 2 #s that I played... I actually got the 35 right which was THE coldest ball. Quite proud of myself on that one. lol. Anyway, I'm not surprised nobody won as there's FIVE cold numbers and only one hot. This has happened 3 times previously. 7-4-03 {JP was 20mil}, 10-11-02{JP=21mil}, 7-12-02{JP=138mil}. I'm still guessing that noone will win till xmas or right after. 

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