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Does anyone know the "average" increase in the MM jackpot now that Texas is added? I'm curious how much more it's gone up.


TX joined for the 12-5-03 drawing.

dates then jkpt amounts:






looks like 10-11 million per draw. I think increases are based on actual lottery sales.

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The jackpot levels are based on "estimated" sales. It appears they estimated a little high for the first draw that included Texas with an $11 million increase. The next draw was estimated lower with a $10 million increase. And a further lower estimate was made for the next draw with a $7 million increase. Eventually sales caught up with their estimates.

Texas players will dventualy catch on to the new lottery. If the current jackpot sequence approaches $200, Texas players will catch on very quick. Otherwise it may take some time.

It is important to remember that even though readers of this forum are very familiar with lotteries played across the country, the average player is not. On several occasions, while buying my tickets, I have spoken with other players and was surprised to find that they were not familiar with certain lottery games that had been around for years. Many players are creatures of habit and play the same games every week and never take the time to learn about the new lottery games that have been introduced. I am sure these are the types of players that keep marketing people up at night.

Good luck and have fun,

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In my area many of the lottery retailers don't regularly update the displayed jackpot amounts so many casual players only play when they see a line for tickets or see a TV story about lottery fever and sometimes those stories are about the PowerBall which is played in the adjacent states.  These retailers consider selling lottery tickets a convenience like selling milk and bread, something that is necessary to bring in customers. 



Powerball wednesday

07 19 23 35 44+19

Good luck!




I heard on the news that Texas had approximately $700,000 in MM sales for the first draw.

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you can check sales per state for mm by going here:

but some states are more cooperative than others. i would hope that texas would generate larger pots. it would be nice to see mega break 200 million finally but i'll wait and see.

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dvdiva that was an excellent link.  I always wanted to know how many $ worth of tickets each state sells.  Thanks.

Do you have one for Powerball?

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Thanks for the information...


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thats the only site i use to guess what the next powerball jackpot is. havent found a site that breaks it down to state though.


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Welcome to the lottery post goose.


I know you will enjoy yourself here, got some really nice members here too.  I'm sure they will do their best to make your stay here as pleasant as possible.

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Thanks emilyq

Its m


great link. I guess the news was just spouting bull again. Or maybe I heard wrong. Surprising how much $ Texas added in. I'll bet the Texas Pick-6 will croak.

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