Hi Everyone, I'm new!

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Hi All.  I have been reading the Post for a while and I finally decided to join!  Everyone here is so great and gives such good advice.  I play Cash 3 and Cash 4 in Georgia daily!!!  I look forward to posting and getting to know everyone!

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IMG class=display height=149 alt=Big Bulldog src=">  Hi stardkny21 Welcome aboard and may you hit regulary. Dont mind the dog he is really friendly.

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Hi starDKNY,

You're in the right place and from the right state to meet a lot of fellow GA players.  Have fun!

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Welcome an

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Hi StarDKNY21,

Welcome glad you decided to join us.





  Hey Star...

    Welcome Welcome Welcome


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Hey there StarDKNY21. Get ready to travel to destination: MONEY !$!$:-)


Hi. Star you are welcome so enjoy the ride aboard the forum it is a lot of fun.

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hey - welcome from purrring kitty in ga.

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Hi Stardkny21 - Welcome and have some fun!


 Hello everyone I am also new my name is yonna11 and I also play cash 3 and cash 4 in ga. trying to find a good work out for cash 4 if anyone know of one please let me know. I know I will enjoy myself, I have been reading the forum for about 3 months now and now I am a part. Thanks.

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HiLonnie - Welcome!

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Yes Lonnie Welcome Aboard.

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Welcome and may you prosper!

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Welcome Stardkny21 and Lonnie!

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Welcome to the forum:

StarDKYNY21, Lonnie and 0zerothru9nine

you're definitely at the right place!

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t the right place!


Fresh meat!!!! Welcome to our humble dormain starDKNY21.  Jump in at any time with your picks, thoughts, dreams.  Just bring us money!  Glad to have u. 

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Welcome to the best lottery forum there is.

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0 - 9

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Welcome to you, ALL!  Granny Ruth and Sonny

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