Man Buys 100 Tickets After Dreaming Numbe

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Thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share with you all. 

"Greensboro Man Buys 100 Tickets After Dreaming Numbers -- Wins Half Million Dollars

Have you ever believed a dream would come true? Would you put a hundred dollars on it? Thats what a Greensboro man did, and it paid off one hundred times.

Minh Vo says he saw four numbers in a dream: 3-1-0-2. So the next day, the Greensboro, NC man drove to Danville, Virginia and bought 100 tickets in the Virginia Lotterys Pick 4 game. They all had those same four numbers. And on Monday, February 11, they all won.

Each winning ticket is worth the top prize of $5000. So when he traveled to the lottery regional office in Roanoke on Tuesday, he had winning tickets worth $500,000 in his hand. That is the largest payout to a single person for one Pick 4 draw in Virginia Lottery history. In fact, it took lottery personnel more than an hour and a half to process and validate all those winning tickets.

He purchased the tickets at Carters Quick Shoppe II, 3103 West Main Street in Danville, which is one of the Virginia Lotterys highest selling retailers.

Pick 4 drawings are held twice a day, six days a week, Monday through Saturday at 1:59 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. The odds of winning the $5000 top prize by matching the numbers in exact order are 1 in 10,000.


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now that's awesome!

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Trained his subconscious to predict Pick-4.  Way COOL !!! Wonder if he reviewed the history that night and whether he is a regular player. BobP

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How come I don't have those dreams??

Maybe it's the food I eat.


What's that after taxes??

Maybe he should have played more tickets to cover the Tax Man!!

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I'd like to have that kind of dream when the MM jackpot is around 100 million or so. I have to stop dreaming about women, Yeah,like that's gonna happen.........Hee hee 


I've had my dream about winning a large jackpot. I know the dvent will happen relatively soon. Most of my dreams do become reality. I realized that my dreams are my possible future when I was about 10 years old. Ever since then, I memorized my dreams after waking. Nearly all of them have come to be at some point in my life, and not just a symbolic type of dream. They are actual places, people, and dvents. Some are good, however, some are pretty bad. Because these dreams only service me and only me, I will not tell just anyone about them or go into great detail about them, only close friends and family are privileged.

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Thats a nice story.  I

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hello everyone!! this is my first post.what a great time to come in on a dream with a great win! good  luck to all!!!



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Anything is possible so long as you can see it in your mind's eye as if it has already happened in real time, then continue to hold that thought without any regard to the amount of time it takes for it to become a reality (don't set a deadline).  Keep the thoughts as long as you can making it as real as you can , then let them go and dismiss them totally from your mind so they can become reality..... and this is key to it working, also the hardest part of the whole process.  Then whether you dream numbers, your system picks numbers or a quick pick picks them for you it will happen when you least suspect it because you had in fact forgotten about it. 

We're all jackpot winners ... it just depends on how long it takes to make it happen!!  Good luck to all!! 



It is said that we all dream several times while sleeping, most of us just don't remember, but that we can train ourselves to remember, one of the first things to do is to tell ourselves as we go to sleep that we want to dream about a certain thing, that is whatever we want to dream about and that we want to remember the dream in the morning and as konane said you have to see it and even feel it in your mind's eye so to speak and make it as alive and vivid as possible as if you could feel it and as if it was already happening and hold it (The visualization} for a while and then let it go, relax take a deep breath and go to sleep.

In the morning as soon as you wakeup write down what you remember, so make shure that you keep a pencil or pen and a paper or tablet close to your bed every night, you might not be able to remember your dream{s} the first time, but with practice as time goes by, you might.

Edgar Cayce the seer said, before anything can come to happen it has to be seen by the mind first.

The exercise that konane show you, is a form of visualization.

If you want to know more about visualization read the book "The silva mind control method" much of the stuff is very weird and even crazy and is best that you don't put any attention to it.

But the visualization methods described are great! They are very very good, the best. If you want to try visualization try those methods. But as i said, be very carefull don't do any of the other weird and crazy stuff.


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EXCALIBUR      Thank you very much for your  input!  People don't realize the power their own minds have in creating and bringing about dvents, even lottery wins. 

One of my favorite works on visualization is "Creating Money" by Sanaya Roman.  It's a classic, explained very simply with principles which do work if applied correctly.  This book does not get into lottery systems or techniques, but does deal with establishing a correct mindset along with ability to visualize and achieve a desired goal of your own choosing. 

However you all come up with the numbers, good luck, jackpots every time, to you all!!



i bet the lottery people didn't tell you about all the fools who wake up each morning and spend the grocery money on numbers that were revealed to them in a dream and never win a penny.  i mean, it makes sense to spend couple of dollars here and there on the four digits and the three digits but not one hundred dollars on a single number.



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hitchaser  We are sure there are plenty and do not advocate someone betting the farm on a dream unless they can afford the bet and have a track record of dreaming or otherwise coming up with winning numbers. 

For every person there is something which works for them, and for both EXCALIBUR and me, we were explaining something which works for some people who choose to use it. 

Visualization has worked more times than a few for me, and from the tone of  EXCALIBUR's  post it appears that they may have had good results from those techniques because they seem highly knowledgeable, extremely well studied on the subject.  Highest compliments to them! 

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