newbie - help!!


this forum is so overwhelming that i don't know where to start - my bonnet of the people who run this site. you have a really nice site; now where do i go to collect my brownie points (smile)

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Welcome to Lottery Post, runnynose.


spookysoozy, hi and thank you.

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start with the game you play the most. welcome.

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Welcome! enjoy the site, its really fun.

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Welcome To Lottery Post!

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Welcome to Lottery Post, Runnynose!  It's a great site.

Check out my response to you in my thread at the pick 3 forum.

Have fun!


thank you for all of your welcomes forum members.

rick i went there but i hope i don't offend you, but i like this forum much better and now that i found lucky after 4 years of not knowing what happened to him; i'm going to have my coffee, sweet tart and lucky every morning. my husband and i were just sickened when he disappeared from maybell's.

i also see that larry g, larry and greeneyeye's post here. i'm sorry rick but i don't remember you from maybell's, but i was told by another member here that you posted at maybell's also.

i'm reading messages all day with my husband and we found another illinois player, jazzy jasper and he is very impressive with his picks.

well anyway thanks for being so nice and i'm sure we will be talking again. 


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Runnynose- Welcome to Lottery Post, glad you found us!

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