the house wins all the time!


dear players,

i hit the pick 3 in maryland for $290 on 10/11/03 but haven't hit anything of the digits since.  needless to say, i spent all of my winnings, and then some, on the pick 3 and 4 digits but didn't win anything. as a result i came to the conclusion that playing the digits is just a waste of time and money and that if i am going to bet a dollar on the lottery system i rather gamble on something big like the maryland bonus match five with a payoff amount of $50,000 tax free. i even crossed state lines to play the va cash 5 which has morning and evening drawings of $100,000 ; and the dc hot five with a payoff of $25,000 as well as the pa cash 5 which has a payoff of $100,000 a drawing.  in addition, i play all the jackpots, the megamillions in md and va; the powerball in pa and dc; the lotto south in va; the super 6 in pa; and the classic lotto in md.  i happen to think this strategy is better than chasing the pick 3 and 4 games.  any thoughts on these views?


the hitchaser.


"If you don'

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