What a program needs to be good ...

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Hallo everyone! Sorry

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Having it actually work would

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thomas - i needed a good laugh.

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Quote:Originally posted by apagogeas on November 18, 2003

My main query at this topic is what procedure someone could follow to reach to a conclusion on tickets to play. I dont want statements like "I use a wheeling system... that's all!". Most I want is to listen to ways of thinking, just to be sure I've included every possible aspect in my program. Thanks!

It really doesn't matter how the numbers are picked, as far as most people are concerned, if they don't win any money than the program doesn't work.


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>>>>It really doesn't matter how the numbers are picked, as far as most people are concerned, if they don't win any money than the program doesn't work.<<<<

I don't know, RJOh, most people here seem satisfied if the program just "comes close".

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Me thinks that a program should be workable for all states that means you need all states database's numbers. So you could get 5 numbered picks for each game based on number of times hit (drawn). numbers not drawn. Incorporating the 111 system taking the mean number and working the database numbers in as a factoid. I have been doing this without a program and get some good results. But it is time consuming and only good for one particular draw like pick 3/4 match 5 and....megga. Then it needs to be worked again for the next draws.

It takes to long too figure all the different numbers because I have to search the data base to find the numbers that have hit and not hit and work the probability numbers that could or should hit. Usually i can get in sequence 2 numbers right out of three. 3 numbers right out of 4 and 3 or 4 out of 5 for lotto. and same for mega. I have only been spot on when i played additional computed bets. Though i would like to limit the dollar amount i have to spend to get better results.

Now if I had a program that would do the computations for me I would be interested does anyone have anything like that.

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It would be unusual for you

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ok then, let m

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Here is a screenshot of my

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Don't be disappointed by the responses you've receive so far. Most of the folks here have been playing lotteries for years and have seen just about every program there is claiming it can help you win. The only one who wins is the guy who writes the program because he gets paid for the use of a useless program. I'm sure your intentions are noble but if any one here had any idea of what a program needed to make winners of everyone he/she would keep it to themselves because it everyone won there wouldn't be any lotteries left to play. So stay around have fun and don't be disappointed.

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Yes, I would expect more responses but I'm not disappointed at all at the moment. I realize the meaning of what you say. I don't expect someone to tell me his "big" secret on winning lotteries, if there is any! This hasn't to do anything about this topic here.

This is actually a try to create a program that contains as much tools as possible, so the user can select what to use or combine them to achieve a better results (or worse). I've done a tremendous research on this and I can say it works somehow. This topic should be a repository of ideas, of known techniques or new ones about how to work out lotteries to play. I'll not accept the phrase "useless program" for what I've done but, yes you are right about many many programs out there. This is actually the reason I created this one. All techniques are equally suited or maybe not as well, but noone ever tried to create such a program that integrates all of these together. I am really frustrated when I hear about programs that do utilize the best system and disorientate people to buy it and most important, it is whistles and bells... Of course, you have the right to tell me that I do exactly the same thing as they do. Maybe yes, maybe not. I've faith to what I've done till now. But consider the case that most of these folks here use these programs as well. This means that they find part of their functionality a bit useful otherwise they wouldn't use them at all.

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I think that many people are not even reading your initial post because they are responding mostly to the pick three post for most of all last week. There have been less that 10 post to the pick 4 so you might have better responses if you put a short version of you sales pitch to each of the boards and a link to the discussion group or an email where they can send there responses.

I allergy replied as to what i would like to see regarding the use of a 111/1111 system so numbers can be generated rapidly for each game pic 3/4

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I really don't think that there is a guaranteed way to beat the lottery.  But I do believe that every ticket has a chance. I also believe that there are play strategies.  You could wheel numbers together or play hot and cold numbers.  On Saturday, I played low and high numbers and numbers in the middle (such as 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, etc.), but that didn't work.  I even won $100 on a quick pick back in January.  However, there are times when I have played several tickets with the same red powerball, and when the red powerball was matched with my tickets, I would win some money back.  I was extremely lucky at that time, because I picked the right red powerball number.  But that's the point.  The lottery is so random that there is no guaranteed way to win.  Most of the people who win just won with a quick pick. 

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Quote:Originally posted by apagogeas on November 23, 2003

This is actually a try to create a program that contains as much tools as possible, so the user can select what to use or combine them to achieve a better results 

I think if your program could be set to evaluate how well each tool or a combination of them would have worked in the the past, then a player might have an idea of which ones to use.  There are instants where hot, cold, high, low, sums, ranges, gaps and etc. might have worked, but what percent of time would they have worked and what would have been the best parameters settings.  What are the chances that these conditions will repeat in the future?  For example if one knew that 15% of the past drawings were within a range of 25-45, sum 162-190, gaps 1-9, lowest numbers 1-9, highest numbers 45-52, matched two in the previous 100 drawings 5-7 times and etc., one would think that such conditions would repeat in the future and play numbers within those parameters.  The trick would be reduce the group to an affordable amount.  Most lottery programs already on the market have those tools, but if a player have no idea on how to use them, what good are they?  The lottery is intended to be totally random so no combinations of conditions are repeated on a predictable schedule.


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Exactly, a procedure to pick the most probable numbers. You say you have 96% to have all winning numbers in a group of 8. This is virtually impossible. If you have done such a thing, then you've beaten a mystery of the universe! If you want to share it with us, you are welcome. I'm not looking for full wheel generators, I know how to do that. I'm looking for abbreviated systems (the step-by-step procedure involved to generate tickets for a given abbreviated wheeling system). This is totally different than generating full wheels.

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I take it you are a math major.. well with chance there is not such thing as a for sure calculation.

But, I did discover a way that it will return such a percent.  See the fact is in the same explanation of the toss of a coin.

Imagine if your current weather conditions were the same every time you tossed a coin.. spun it each time the same

amount of spins and the coin weight never changed neather did the distance it left from its take off and landing positions.

You are a math major.. so tell me Mr. Wizard.. would or would not the coin give the same result every time when the

"Probable State".. Never Changes..????

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Well it won't take science for that one.. of course it will.. I use to test air flight equipment in

a vacuum where conditions change only if you change them..

You know. Atmospheric pressures, wind velocities.. etc..

And guess what.. same result as long as one very important matter was taken...

The condition of the equipment being tested itself..

You.. the people from the lotto are not stupid.. they too the very best to determine how to do this.

And with every draw, your equipment, and environmental conditions are not the same.

So I studied what CONSTANTS are the same. And that my friend is what I base my tests on.

So far .. they are working.. but I don't exactly want to through myself in the fire yet... I want to run it for a

couple of more months before the Big One...

Now the Florida Lottery.. that is a different monster.. because we don't have consistency enough to follow as

closely as the Fantasy 5...

I use to hack into computer system in my younger ages.. and watching was the way to beat PROBABLE CAUSES..


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Can I talk with you in a more private manner.. I don't think I am ready to disclose this to

everyone here .. not just yet anyway..

I think I might be on to something but I really don't want to say online..

I have it all on paper and do this on my times off.. run tests.. see results..

Run more tests.. see results.. at first.. I would miss one out of every 7 or 9 plays..

now Im doing it almost every day.. but I don't want to blow out the light yet.

I am afraid that some idiot from the lottery is in this forum to see what they

can change to make the PROBABLE CAUSE greater for us.

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By the way.. I need to know what kind of Language you are using for generating your code..

I have the code in Visual Fox Pro and in Visual Basic.

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The program is written entirely in Delphi. About the example (tossing a coin), surely, as soon as you control the weather, you could expect to have very constant (predictable) results. Is this the case indeed? Can you control all the factors that alter a result? Some people believe that even the planets can affect the result of tossing of a coin. Some others believe that their influence is so minor that don't have any impact at all (they are canceled out). But I believe controling the major factors, is a key to more accurate results, althought 100% accurancy is impossible. Still there CONSTANTS may exist, do you know who they are?

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Yes, I know for sure that according to certain calculations the planets and the rotational constants do affect things on earth. I know this because we cannot ignore the laws of motion and so forth other laws we use in calculations but also Yes, they are very small when it comes to these things.

I have carefully examined certain consistencies that might have a great effect. I dont trust the fact of talking about them online since I truly know that there is no such thing as a secure connection. e.g. That French guy that cracked his way in the WWW. Besides that I use to do the same so I know. I know the minute I say something.. poof.. they change it all.

I remember back when the Florida Mega Ball started.. man I hit that one like every other time.. I was making money off of the Mega big time& I was talking to a friend in the States about it and sure enough.. it took only 3 days after I said what I was doing for them to stop the game for a couple of months and change it all on us&

No way.. when I am 100% sure of my method.. this time Im going to get them for a big wad. Before they rip us off again. I know it sounds like crap what I am saying but back in 1988 I got gypped. So oh well.. what ever has in store for me.. that is what I will follow.



I don't know if you have noticed, but, how many of the lottery number predictions here on this forum turn out right? Not many or maybe none at all? Those people have been predicting for a long time

They have a lot of practice and knowledge and they do predict the numbers that are the most likely to come out and they should come out, but, why don;t the numbers turn out and many times or all times

not even one of the many numbers predicted by several people come out, like when they do MM predictions, not even one number out of six in anyone of the many predictions come out. Why?

Maybe, if you want to get some winning numbers, you have to make sure that none of your numbers are the same, as the ones, that people predict here on this forum. Isn't that something?

You think, that the lottery people know what's going on here on this forum? Can You add 1+1?

Do the most likely numbers usually come out? No, but, neither the most unlikely.

But, if a number is posted anywhere here by anybody anytime, do you think that it has any chance at all of coming out? Maybe? No? Do You ever see many winning numbers here on this forum?

Of course, if you post 500 pick3 numbers you have a good chance of getting the right number somewhere on this planet? Right? But, other than that? So, do you now think, that it is such a good idea to talk about strategies and winning techniques anywhere here on the forum?

If you want to make shure that a given lottery number won't come out, post it as a prediction somewhere on this forum for a particular date and state, and instead but a diferent number.

I must be seeing things, or maybe not seeing things, but, I am shure not seeing any winning numbers anywhere here. Do You?

I really wish that there where more Mega Million predictions here on this forum, so I would have more numbers to discard from the 52 and maybe have only 6 numbers left to play.

How about that, for a winning technique?

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"Johnny5" I don't mean any disrespect but I have to totally disagree with you on the comment "God decides if your going to get the Big one or not" some people in this forum seem to feel this way for whatever reason but I don't believe this to be true.The reason is that God does not control what numbers are drawn or how someone selects there numbers.Now if they "Specifically" ask in a prayer for a Lottery Windfall that could happen but there's still no guarantee it will.There are too many people that win the Lottery that already have money,good jobs,or own there own business.Not too many people that need money win as much as those that don't really need money plus I've read stories of people that didn't deserve to win but did like a man that was charged with attempted murder 3 yrs after winning $5.4 million.God see's and knows all so he knew this guy would do this so why would he "Bless" him? well the answer is simple he didn't and doesn't unless you ask and it's in his Will that you win.If it's not in his will after you ask you can still win on your own there's no law saying you can only win if God says so or you ask.He doesn't cntrol your life like that because we have FREE WILL also if you look at how a lot of people get RICH a good majority

do it in a Negative way.A New Jersey Chiropractor in 1992 was caught defrauding insurance companies and made nearly $70,000 doing so, while waiting for sentencing he played the lottery and won $12 million.So if God decides who wins or not then he's helping more people that don't NEED it as opposed to those that REALLY NEED it.So as far as I'm concerned he doesn't decide whether someone wins or not when there GAMBLING.My father is a VERY Religious person and even he doesn't believe this but like I said there are exceptions like "VisionDude" who has a special relationship with God and has said that he will win the Lottery in his State because of him.As for me I'll win because God gave me a Brain and I'll use my Intelligence to develop my own method for winning but he doesn't make my decisions on how I'll do it that's my job.


the Lord does NOT take away. WHY would He? If God is all loving, all giving, why would he give then take away? He doesn't. WE mess it up by playing a different megaball when inside we *KNEW* to play another number. WE mess it up by not following the guidance within. WE mess it up by losing the winning ticket. You & God originally had you winning, but you wouldn't completely RECIEVE & keep it. We subconsciously sabotage ourselves because we are more comfortable with the status quo than BIG changes.  There's nothing wrong with that. There's no judgement about it except from yourself. I'm not criticizing you, I'm trying to encourage you. I know that if you won once you can do it again. & PLEASE let go of the resentment. It'll ruin your life.


Well said "Rebeckah"

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Sorry there is no resentment here.  Im actually glad it happend.  And as to if God decides or not.

I know that whether the winner is a good or a bad person bares no matter to God.. Everything is within God's permisive right with those that believe and for those that do not he don't even look upon.  He says:

Proverbs 16
        4The LORD has made all for Himself,
        Yes, even the wicked for the day of doom.

notice the word "has made all"  not some things but all things.

but anyway.. enough of the bible lesson.  I would love to give bible study but the subject at hand is Lotto so lets stick to it.

Back to calculations.

In the early years of the Lottery people were not winning as much as now.  Well that explanes only one thing.  People started using stratigic tactics to cypher numbers that worked for them so to date we still do.  There is no doubt that fate has its properties in the matter, but what good is that brain God gave you if you don't put it to work.??

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If we believe that god is repsonsible for our win or not, then everybody should be at church with his tickets, praying to god for the numbers. This is not happening, so i suppose that god is not responsible either we win or not. So, let the god do what he has to do (which is not predicting numbers, he has much more important things) and let's concentrate on what we can do using our brains alone.


Hello Apogageas -

Your program sounds impressive. Does your program allow one to keep track of multiple bettors as in a pool?  (Does anyone know of a good program for that?) Not predictive, just keeping good track of who guessed what, who had better/best guesses over time, and so on.


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