Thank You Daily !!

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 your prediction 587 came in I played it 5 times , thank you ,thank you ,thank you, I am waiting for your next 1-8 predictions. You have proven yourself to me.

thanks again...........Joy

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Congradulations Joy-joy, it's always great when someone wins! I hope you played straights! By the way did you get the 2-2-2 triple that you predicted a week or so back? Just curious. It's encouraging to see a forum member win.



Hi Joy Joy,I am frpm Tx.and what is the predictions for tonight?


kEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks very much , but the credit should go to dailypick3, it was his prediction that I just was lucky enough to play. the 04 pairs that I predicted were just overdue pairs, but I  will play a combo on 980 tonight it als looks like we might get a double maybe the 090-677-996

also watch for the 222 in the night draw as well.

good luck to all..............................Joy

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forgot to add


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