Lottery winners giving away money.

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Most people think lottery winners should give away tons of money to charities, churches, friends, family, etc, what do you think?

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Yeah "most people" who are jealous that you have money and they dont.  I wonder what those "most people" would do if they win it themselves.  Most probably KEEP IT TO THEMSELVES.


I would most probably donate alot of money over time if I won.  But definitely not because "most people" think I should.

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Watch the movie with Steve Martin I think it was [The Jerk]. He came into money and had people standing in line to get some. What happen in the end?

PS I have worked for a lot of people with money and 99% of them will nickle and dime you on your price quotes. Then try to beat you out of more when you give them the bill.

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I think that's because when you have money, you think everyone's trying to take it.

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As my rich uncle once said. I didn't get rich giving my money away. He wore holy pants and bought second hand clothes. The guy was a real piece of work. All I have to say is the rich will never need there money when there gone. What good is it if they have all this money and don't spread it around. Sure if you have a large family by all means take care of them. But who is going to need 100 mil when your retired with no family.

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I think you have to search you're own mind and do what is right in your heart. The Great Spirit does say to help those who are in need. Eph. 4:28



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percy ross was a great rich man. he knew the wisdom of giving.


( IF i WON millions/ surely I would hunt down and give to the poor.not just on thanksgiving/ or chrismass/ but every day food and shelter.)  someday maybe I will be able to show you.

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what's the point of winning if you should be expected to give most of it away?

Outside of a nice gift to the Shriners Children's Hospitals

I think that given the 35% taxes that will mostly go to entitlements I'm not "demographically" entitled to... I'd say that's enough.... now a whittaker jackpot would be quite a different story...

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since a gift like that is not given to me JUST for me.......i would.

BUT.......on my terms and not the terms of others.  i have already graduated suma - cum - laude from the school of "thick skin"

i think it is a crime that people hoard money/things to themselves and dis-regard the needs of others in favor of "accumulating".  i also think it is a crime for people to expect someone to give them something for nothing.       

 so i advocate a balance from both sides of that coin.  unfortuntely alot of people do not play "fair" with lottery winners.

since i cannot take it with me when i go,  the only thing that i will take with me is how i handled it.  i will have alot of fun,  invest wisely, set up an inheritance for my kids and give the correct amounts away that will insure that my good name stays intact.  thats how i will play the game.

                          "a good name is better than great riches"....


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Quote:Originally posted by Thomas Covenant on November 13, 2003

Most people think lottery winners should give away tons of money to charities, churches, friends, family, etc, what do you think?

The only people that think that are losers who are looking for something for nothing. If they ever won a lottery jackpot,giving their winnings away would be the last thing on their mind. People who share what they have with others don't need to win a lottery to do so.  There are lots of people out there asking for money and some of them even post their requests on this website.

Winning a lottery jackpot shouldn't require a person to be responsible for for a whole new bunch of friends and strangers who want some money. There will always people asking for money regardless, I see some of them everyday and some even call me on the phone.


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I will give to the POOR.But I do live in a poor state...But again you may call me a softy.

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when you give - you get.

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What's with the finders keepers. You didn't find it, you paid for it by buying a tidket. Many of us have been playing for years like the retired police chief who had been playing his own numbers for 20 years and won the first time he bought a quick pick. Who knows how much he spent in the first 20 years.  Ergo, if you win it's because you played.

Have you all read the news item about the couple who won the 50 million (before taxes) who said they have had people asking them for money to pay off their homes, pay off business debts, add a wing to a church etc. etc. etc. I said if once before in a similar topic I never give to those who ask for something and the first folks who will see a penny from me are my immediate family and that's After I have taken care of my needs (not desires).

So if you win curb your desires to help or save the world and give because you wish to and not out of guilt because every time you didn't win someone esle did and some of the money they won came out of your pocket.


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Quote:Originally posted by megamillionaire on November 15, 2003

What's with the finders keepers. You didn't find it, you paid for it by buying a ticket. 

You do make a point.  Buying a lottery ticket and winning is kinda like going to work and finding a pay check in the mail later, you feel you've earned it and you don't feel like sharing it with the world when you got own problems. 

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"Cash Only"... Sometim



You don't "lose" money by taking the lump sum...the "higher" annuity        amount includes years of interest.

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it truly depends on your


Just a tidbit: Many in ancient times were traveling salesmen, hauling their goods from town to town on packed camels. The men would lead their camels thru a very narrow passage of rocks where the camel could only get thru if it's pack was taken off. The passage was called: *The eye of the needle*. Which is why SPAN class=NavigationLinks color=#0000ffMatthew 19:24/SPAN says: *And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.*

In context, Jesus says this cuz the rich man wouldn't sell his stuff & follow Jesus. He was more attached to his stuff than God as Johnny5 has so wonderfully covered. & as another tidbit, Jesus did not say sell *everything*... just sell what you have to sell... :) There's nothing wrong with $$$. If you'd ACCEPT it, God would instantly make you rich beyond your dreams... altho, the devil can make you rich too.... all that matters is what YOU DO with that neutral piece of paper & metal.

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I wouldn't look on choosing lump sum as a "loss" of jackpot money, I would look on it as a heck of a return on a $1 to $10 "investment" ;-)

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Quote:Originally posted by Rebeckah on December 20, 2003

There's nothing wrong with $$$. If you'd ACCEPT it, God would instantly make you rich beyond your dreams...


i liked your historical/background contexual information.  it is those things that serve to solidfy Gods word as something more than just a "book".

i do have a question though.  what do you mean by "if you would accept it, God would make you instantly rich"?

can you further define what you meant by that statement?

i do know this from personal experience.  i have been to a 3rd world country where the people there were far from "rich" in personal/material possesions,  but were abundantly rich in the things that really matter in life.  that of being "rich" toward the things of God,  and "rich" in personal relationships.  i could tell that these people had a right relationship with Christ and had not "suffered" materially from any kind of disobedience.  their "poverty" (materially) was more of a function of the parameters of where God had "chosen" that their life would be played out.  they were aware of the material differences between "us" and them",  but it didn't seem to bother them.  because of their adjustment to the will of God for their life, contentment was their friend.

their "wealth" was measured by the true barometer.  that they knew God intimately.

 "i have learned that whatever state i am,  to be content:  i have learned how to be abased (poor) and how to abound (wealthy)"


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Don't let Margaret take away your right to choose cash.


Whittaker has another chance 12/27, for $170m.


Does Whitaker also play MM when it gets this high?


i suspect JW still buys an

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Guys.. Im on my way.. I hit the play 4 yesterday and Im paying off some bills.. if I can do the same for the big one.. Oh Im praying I do.  Gots me $5K but have to pay most of it on bills..but hey.. took out a big chunck off my back.. I promise if I get the clankin on this.. You guys are in..  I will share my knoledge with you all and help you guys get up there..

Man I am so happy...

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I promise.. I will help you guys.. Im not a crapper like lots of people are.. I will help.!!

I don't have enough, but I know I can plan for the big one.. $3 Million.. witch will leave me with 1.6 Million.. I think I can help several people in real need there.

Pray people.. pray that your dreams be fulfilled.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your hearts desire.

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be careful what you say in here.  there are over 3,000 members and untold "guests". 

 if you won you would have to take a loan to keep your word (lol).


 you ; "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your hearts desire".

 me;  the end result of delighting ourselves in the Lord is doing his will, which in turn will result not in "our" desires.....but his.  which translates into.....we can want something with great desire but if it isn't his will, it won't happen.

 (just clarifying that so that people won't get the wrong idea and think they can "make God"  do things that he doesn't intend to do).


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