Update for P3 Texas Evening 11/8

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  • 598-591-581-981
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  • 586-953-153-950-584-205-216-791-810-142-160
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  • 252-566-557-559-511-775-199-414-811-313-171-881

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What is the past due sum for TX.I am from Tx.and it is so hard to win here.

Pick 3 Fairy's avatar - faery

The Root Sum or Quick Sum of 9 is the most overdue and then 7 falls into second place.  By Root Sum or Quick sum, I am referring to any number that the total is 9 or 19 and 7-17-27.  You just drop the first digit when you are totaling the numbers.  Anything with a 5 and a 1 in it tonight has a good chance.  Hope this helps

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