testing something for evening draws

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possible digits for thursday evening-

ga. 2,5,7.4,8

d.c. 0,1,7,3

fl. 9,5,4,8

ohio 9,8,2,1

n.j.   1,2,0,3

n.y.   3,6,8,0

s.c. 2,6,5,9,4

md. 5,0,4,2,6

wash. 9,4,7,2,1

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you left out ky????

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thanks for the post, excited to see what happens

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kentucky - 0,3,4,6,2

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Thanks emilyg, I'm looking at the 5 digits you have for Maryland. I'm going to find out what 3 digits out of the 5 are traveling the most. As you can see traveling numbers have taken center stage with me. It's all just so fascinating.

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travelling numbers are fascinating. i follow yr. posts every day to see what's coming.


what about illinois please. thanks

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How about Michigan?


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illinois - 4,6,2

michigan    2,6,4,5,0


Traveling numbers seem to be the way to go.

just look at 871 came out in 3 states yesterday.

Where will it come out next?

Its very hard to track but seems well worth the effort.

Anyone have a easy way to track feel free to post.

I was recently tracking 140,236,133 and the above have all been out multiple times in different states and I'm waiting for them in New Jersey. 

appreciate all the imput



4 times

178 Indiana

871 Maine

871 Vermont

871 New Hampshire

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Hey there Alcone. Please check your private message, it may help you.


forget that

the 3 states have the samme lottery.

didn't know that. ME...VT...NH


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What about TEXAS ???????

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texas - 7,3,0,4,5,1

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virginia off the 993 -   0,7,9

coming off doubles is iffy.

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ga. 416 wash. 569 did best.

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Beautiful, I didn't play tonight.  I would love to know what you got going.  What do you have for tommorow?

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plumbusa 569 ---4,6,3,5,0,9

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emilyg,,,, have a couple dayz off,, and it seemz dat I have been missin out on sumthin great here,,,, what do we look for in GA today,,,,,

you keep up this GREAT work,,, and between dem purrin pairz  and ole fido's BARKIN pairz,,, AND GRANNY,,,, how bout dem "ROCKIN PAIRZ",,,,,,ole fido just MIGHT be able to an early retirement,,,,,, Thankz emilyg,,, and catch me up to date on this test...... RUFF RUFF

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fido = congratulationson your promotion.

ga. coming off416 -   1,3,6,9,0,5

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430 WTG emily!!!!

what are you doing to come up with these numbers? 

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from the 190 - 8,7,0,2,5


Hi Emily what do you see for Tx tomorrow?

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Thank you Emil

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sweet T - bummer - the purring pairs hit.

this little system needs a lot more work from me.

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This is a good

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you're mighty kind.

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