all states hot numbers

WIN  D's avatar - q05Q0 wouldn't mind picking a couple of these out for Ga. Midday and EVE. would ya ?????????

    I like em all toooo much ! 

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win d - i like em all too. fo

WIN  D's avatar - q05Q0

Thanks emilyg.......did you notice Eve. had  3  Mirror Pairs in a Row? Think they will rest a couple...huh 

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watch that 245 for a few days ... (12345)



numberlogy,how about a number for tx mim-day?

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461 ga. - i was off

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Ohio midday 112 wtg.................Skony


thanks everyone

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DC 941 at night and 841 in day on 10/29/03

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481 Mich midday



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481 came in Ohio 10/29 WTG Numberology

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