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bird what do you mean by 312. geogia have not had a double for ten days. what will be a good number to play midday 



Thank You!

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ann31 the water is clear now 312 thats the number that I am feeling today but since you asked 911,396,are also favored at this time 717 was my fave for yesterday and it may come


thank you bird i feel you on them number. That 213 was my dream

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I HOPE THESE WILL BE OF SOME USE.GIVE ME A HOLLA TO LET ME KNOW HOW THEY HAVE DONE IN OTHER STATES FOR YOU. HERE GOES, WISH YOU LUCK  745,354,089,246,314,925,492,091,132,863,716,813,678,974,894,211,392,210,041,581,618,291,387,532,699,856,999,666,777,159,000,199


ajbb that 761 came last night in geogia that 291 came two or three time as well. that 211 is in the book for today the three wise men dream book. i like that 213,110, 210,666,777,555,111,717(from bird), and 999 quick pick gave me triple 999 and by the way that 5168 that came in virginia  cash four was what quik pick gave me in georgia 




are there many tx players .I am from tx and I would like to communicate with all tx player.I am new to the forum.

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