im only a kid in high school, but im doing a debate in english class and I need some help.  The topic is "the government should stop running lotteries"    i am against it.    prior to the debate we have to hand in a list of points and you need about 50 to get a decent mark, and i need like 10 more and i am really desperate, so i would really appreciate it if you people could give me reasons why the lottery is a good thing....and please be creative because I have already thought of all the obvious reasons....thank you very much

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Try this news article posted this morning:

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 IMG alt=Education src="> color=#800080
More than $6 Billion To The Students Of Georgia!

IMG height=35 alt=HOPE Scholarships src=">

IMG height=34 alt=Prekindergarten Program src=">

IMG height=37 alt=Capital Outlays & Technology Grants src=">

According to the Georgia Lottery for Education Act and the Georgia Constitution, proceeds from lottery sales are used to solely fund the following educational programs:

IMG height=35 alt= src=">Tuition grants, scholarships or loans to undergraduate college students and teachers who seek advanced degrees in critical areas of need;
IMG height=35 alt= src=">Voluntary Prekindergarten Programs
IMG height=35 alt= src=">Technology grants to train teachers in the use and application of advanced technology and capital outlay projects for educational facilities.



thx guys.....

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hey i bought my first tickets when i was in h.s.

biggest point i have is that before lotteries there were bookies and a lot of illegal gambling. and that lotteries are a voluntary tax which is something that there should be more of as opposed to involuntary tax. lotteries are the best way to change the public's desire to gamble into a legal tax stream.

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i can be creative.  since we are talking about the "upside" of the lottery, please allow me to give you a "visual"...

     +    (1)     =  

 (if you are "meant to")

 most will lose, but would you trade $1 dollar for a chance at filling your empty wallet with a "lump sum"?  someone has to win.  if it's not you, as much irony as there is in life, your "professor" will probably win.  might as well beat him to it.  now that would be one heck of an object lesson.

todd,  when are you going to add the "smell-around" feature at lottery post?  the young man needs a whiff of newly printed twenties.

the defense rests...


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You've got a good heart, but I don't think you made the debate team in high school.

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i hat

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I wish you luck on your project. My friends here have given you the same advice I would have. So, I will just say "Good Luck." I know you will do well.

"Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures but in the use made of them."


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